Justin Henry Lights Up PAC Colour Olympic

JustinHenryPAC Colour Olympic akan diselenggarakan sebentar lagi. Selama dua hari, mulai dari Jumat sampai Sabtu (24 – 25 Oktober 2014), PAC akan mengadakan serangkaian acara dan kegiatan menarik seputar kecantikan. Ada beberapa nama besar di industri kecantikan yang terlibat di acara ini seperti Sophie Ellis-Bextor, dan dua makeup artist internasional: Merton Muaremi dan Justin Henry. Female Daily mendapatkan kesempatan untuk melakukan interview dengan Justin Henry, makeup artist selebriti yang hasil sentuhan karya hasil riasannya tersebar di berbagai penjuru dunia.

Hi Justin! Tell us a little bit of your career journey as a makeup artist.

I have worked all over the world for several decades in cities such as New York, L.A., London and Paris. My career has evolved from fashion magazines to celebrity clients to becoming Creative Director of International cosmetic brands. I have been a make up artist for Hollywood red carpet events as well as for music A-list celebrity musicians in Europe and America for the last 20 years. I have worked for Vogue, Bazaar, Elle and many other international magazines across the globe. As a make up artist that works in many countries I have managed to work for royalty and the Vice President of the United States which was for Vogue so I have had clients from all walks of life and all kinds of careers.

You have so many clients, including celebrities. Do you have a signature makeup look that you like to apply for your clients?

As I have an A-list clientele I have to adapt my make up to suit the client and the event and or the situation in which I am asked to do the make up so to have a signature look is not possible when your dealing with so many varied faces, skin colours and age differences make up has to be changeable to suit the individual and also stage. TV and red carpet make up is quite different to make up for an event. I have always been known for great eyes and drama with eye make up is something I love to do and can change it up with shape colour and design to suit the individual.

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We heard that you love PAC eyeshadow pencils, what makes them standout from others?

I like PAC eyeshadow pencils because they have such a great range of colours and the texture of the pencil is fantastic its not hard and has a great smooth consistency which makes application easy and gentle .

Any tips on how to apply eyeshadow pencils for women on the go?

When you are on the go applying an eye pencil is easy but if you make a mistake you can correct it fast with your finger tips ideally use a tissue or cotton tip but if you don’t have one handy your finger tips are a great tool to remove colour where you don’t want it. I have been using my fingers as a tool for a long time and learnt this trick from the masters in NYC , you can smudge the shadow pencil and blend it into your lash line or across the lid to soften or blend the colour.

There will be a beauty workshop about countouring techniques next week with you. Do you have a special approach to contouring?

When contouring depending on the shape of the face I like to use a brush with the 1st application I often use two or three shades to create the definition . A darker shade to give structure and shape and then a lighter colour to highlight and then I use a mid tone to blend and soften the darker shade so that there is dimension to the contouring .It should always be blended and soften either with a sponge applicator or a brush.  I like to use creamy products to contour so the effect is not too harsh and obvious in real life. For stage and photography you can be stronger and create more dined lines and harder edges because the light will soften the effect.

What is the most extreme makeover you’ve ever made?

The most extreme make over I have made is waxing someones face not just the brows but the lip and side of the facd and chin so that that cover shot had a very smooth skin with no facial hair.  I have also had to glue individual hairs onto an eyebrow to create the illusion of real hair because the woman had very few hairs and the magazine didn’t want just painted brows they wanted to see hairs as it was a close up of the face this took hours to get right and shape the hairs so they looked realistic.

Which one do you most enjoy, makeup for shows or photoshoots?

I love to do make up and have enjoyed runways in Paris and amazing music videos in London as well as shooting celebrities in Los Angeles for famous TV shows, but working on famous models for magazines such as Vogue Italia and W magazine as well as other cool publication has always been my first love because I can create amazing looks on a model that you can’t always get away with on a real person or on a celebrity. The fashion and photography is always so much more creative and it’s likea real fantasy world that I have grown up in and really adore working in this field the most.

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Justin Henry akan menjadi pembicara di beauty seminar dan juga mengajar beauty workshop di PAC Colour Olympic tanggal 24 Oktober 2014.  Informasi tiket bisa dilihat di link ini.