FD Members Review Their Day at Menard Facial Spa

You’ve seen how some of us from FDHQ were treated to the facial services offered by Menard — and since we believe that sharing is caring, we teamed up with Menard so that some of our forum members could enjoy the same treatent too.

We invited twelve members from the Female Daily forum to spend a few hours being pampered and indulged by the skilled beauticians at Menard Facial Salon. Two by two, members gathered up at Seibu Grand Indonesia’s warm Beauty Lounge for snacks and a skin consultation to determine which facial pack was best for them.


IMG_6075What did our friends have to say about their experience? Here are just half of the overwhelmingly positive reviews:

- “I would recommend the facial! The Beauness Pack makes skin feel and look clean, even without makeup.” – Anjar
– “Very good! Skin is very clean and smooth after using the Double Vita Pack.” – Dhiny
– “Skin feels comfortable, moist, and supple with the Colax Pack. Highly recommended!” – Widi
– “All the processes — cleansing, massage, scrub, and Whitening Pack mask — were all very relaxing. The massage technique is different from the techniques used at other facials. I will come to Menard again with my Mom, I think she needs this too!” – Theresia
– “The facial was really enjoyable, especially the massage! Makes me want to come back again and again!” – Maharani
– “So enjoyable. The massage was relaxing and the Moist Pool pack left my skin feeling fresh and moist.” – Anindya

So how much more convinving do you really need before you try out the facials at Menard? ;)

Menard Spa Salons are located at Jakarta’s Seibu Grand Indonesia and Sogo Central Park. Prices of facial packs start from IDR 349,000, but for IDR 600,000 you can treat yourself to two facial packs in one session: it’s recommended that you start with the Clean Pack, and then follow up with a more specific mask that targets your personal skin needs. Call 021-36726737 to book yours today.