#FDBeauty Halloween Special: Shocking Stitches

This October, we are going full out on our #FDBeauty video series to raise some hellish Halloween horror.¬†We invited Theresia Feegy of Muses Wonderland to share her special effects makeup know-how, and homegirl¬†brought it. She gave our model a fake but hair-raising laceration and stitch that’s sure to get give others the chills when they glance at it.

These stitches are great for completing undead-related Halloween costumes, so think about using this one if you plan on going as Frankenstein, a zombie, or a reanimated corpse of some sort. We’d love to see your version of this stitch, so upload your photos to Instagram and give them the #FDBeauty tag so we can come marvel at your work of face art tooo :)