Lipstick Monday: Dark Lipsticks for Fall

I know there’s no such thing as fall in this part of the world, and I know Halloween isn’t really a big deal in the tropics — but I am the kid who grew up on Hocus Pocus and The Addams Family, so I will geek out about my love for fall makeup and Halloween parties, thankyouverymuch.

An important component of fall makeup is a dark lipstick; this is cliched, I know, but there’s a reason why we keep seeing it this time of year. It’s great to keep around because even if you aren’t going to wear it on its own, you can always blend dark lipsticks with another lipstick for a shade that’s all your own.

Catrice Ultimate Colour in Berry Bradshaw


Catrice is quickly becoming a drugstore favorite of mine, and I make a note to pick something up from the German brand whenever I drop by Singapore to see my family once every three months. This is a lipstick with a hydrating formula, but without all the dramatic bleeding and staining that comes with other similarly hydrating shades. This is the most purple of all the shades on this list — so if your skin tone is flattered by purple tones, then this is a good one to go with. Bonus: ten points to Catrice for etching out their name on the bullets!

Wardah Exclusive Lipstick #45 Maroon Style


For a little local flavor, try out this Wardah Exclusive Lipstick. The formulation is smooth and hydrating, containing squalene, vitamin E, oilve oil, and jojoba oil to keep lips from drying up. But don’t be fooled: the presence of all these lip-healthy ingredients don’t mean you will get a look that’s overly glossy or shiny. It gives off a nice sheen over a warm red, which is a nice touch for people who don’t want to commit to going to a full dark red just yet.

Revlon Matte Lipstick #009 Fabulous Fig


Probably my favorite of this drugstore bunch. I really like the shade and the finish: this is a great low-cost formula with a deep brownish-berry shade, and the formulation is overly drying. The nice thing about this is that there’s minimal chipping and peeling of dry skin at the lips, but it also exhibits the same factors that make matte lipsticks so well-loved: long-lasting and bleed-free.

The swatch: (L to R) Revlon, Wardah, Catrice

The swatch: (L to R) Revlon, Wardah, Catrice

These are good stepping stones for anyone who wants to venture into the territory of dark lipsticks for the first time. But if you’re ready for the next step and these begin to lose their flair, remember there’s always the Anna Sui Lip Rouge Vivid #06!