Lipstick Monday: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

I don’t know why it took me so long to review this product, especially since I’m slowly becoming a big fan of lipsticks-that-look-like-lip-glosses. I hate lip gloss, but I love the way they are packaged. I love matte lipstick, but hate how they sometimes make my lips patchy and dry. So I liked the look of the Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick by Bourjois when it first splashed down, and was even more encouraged by the way it quickly won the favor of bloggers and beauty magazines.

bourjos rouge velvet 1

There are a total of eight shades in this range, and I picked out two that were on opposite ends of the looks spectrum: #06 Pink Pong and #07 Nude-ist. Yeah, I was surprised I didn’t get any reds too — but they’re next on my list, and I cannot wait to try them out.

(L to R) Nude-ist and Pink pong

(L to R) Nude-ist and Pink pong

The Nude-ist is a really nice soft pink that’s great for everyday use. I think it flatters most skin tones, and helped light up my face. The formula is light, gliding onto lips like warm butter on a warm slice of bread. The doe foota pplicator is sturdy and precise too, so there’s nearly no chance of the clumsiest of hands screwing up an application.

On the other hand, Pink Pong is just a crazy fuchsia that is different enough for people to pick you out in a crowd, but it isn’t at Lady Gaga-levels of eccentric. The shade reminds me a lot of my beloved Smashbox Be Legendary lipstick in Fuchsia Flash Matte, except it feels a lot more like the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.

Loving both the Nude-ist and Pink pong (L to R)

Loving both the Nude-ist and Pink pong (L to R)

The staying power of the product is pretty good too: I ate an entire bowl of bakso with the Pink pong, and it survived the onslaught of hot broth and questionably-sourced meatballs. There are only three minor things I didn’t really like about this product — they don’t really bother me, but they might be issues for you, so here we go:

1. Fine lines become more prominent. If you don’t want to draw attention to the fine lines and creases you have on your lips, this product might prove problematic for you, because it seeps into them like nobody’s business.

2. Takes (seemingly) forever to dry. I don’t really like waiting around for a lip product to dry before I can bite into some bread or something (yeah I don’t know what’s up with all the bread talk today). Try not to get your fangs into a food product before this completely settles in, because things will get messy.

3. Not easy to remove! The color will not go quietly into the night. After testing out the product on the back of my hand, it took me two cotton pads soaked with makeup remover to get rid of it; and even then, the stain still remained on my skin.

But you know what? I bought these babies for IDR 178,000 (which is about 7.12 cups of bubble tea), so I’m totally willing to overlook these shortcomings. The formula is comfortable and non-drying, the color options are varied and interesting (lookin’ at you next, Grand Cru and Hot Pepper), and the packaging is simple and unassuming. Similar products from brands with similar price points sometimes produce packaging that look super tacky and (even worse) unabashedly derivative of their high end department store counterparts — but Bourjois always has a way of creating understated packaging that’s all theirs. Not bad for a drugstore product at all!

Have you tried out the Rouge Edition Velvet? I’d love to hear if you loved or hated it. C’mon, let me know how you feel — sharing is caring, after all ;)