September Empties: To Restock, or Not to Restock?

I don’t think I’ve done an empties post before, but better late then never, right? I’ve been using up a lot of beauty and skincare products over many months, obviously, but I’ve been forgetting to keep the bottles for a post like this one. The products that are all used up this time round are the super basic ones that I burn through very quickly because of nearly daily use — I’d love to hear your take on if you’ve used any of the following products before!


Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution 

The French Republic has made countless contributions to the world that shape the world we live in today — and while plenty of lavish praise has been aimed at their most important contributions (modern separation of powers, Louis Pasteur, duck confit), I don’t think we do enough to thank the good people at Bioderma for the work they do their micellar solutions. Micellar water is a gentle solution that removes even water-resistant makeup without soaps or alcohols, so skin stays hydrated. This is a bottled miracle for anyone who has ever come stumbling home at 2.30 AM and felt too tired to rid their face of the day’s makeup but still know better than to go to bed in it. Also great for use in the morning to remove skin of any oil buildup before cleansing.

L’Oreal Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

As far as drugstore makeup removers go, I think this one is pretty swell. I like the packaging and the “shake before use” aspect to activate the formula, and I certainly appreciate how this product effectively removes even the most stubborn of waterproof mascara with no dragging on the skin whatsoever. The only thingI don’t really like is how the product feels a touch greasy after it has been swiped on; because of that, I only use it when absolutely necessary, because my everyday eye makeup can be effectively removed with the lighter, more watery Biodermia micellar solution.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner

I think the Ultra Facial range from Kiehl’s is the cookies and cream-flavored ice cream of skin care: uncomplicated and addictive, with a far-reaching unisex appeal. The toner from this range helps skin recover from any stripping effects caused by facial cleanser and prepares it for the next step. On me, it was sort of of blah; I remember it being more effective when I was in high school, actually. I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this, but if you’re looking for a basic toner than hydrates skin and removes traces of eye or lip makeup that were not picked up by your cleanser, this is a safe bet.


Zara Woman Fruity Fragrance

This is actually not bad of an EDT for a company that specializes in mass-producing designer knockoffs. But just like the way they do their fashion, this scent is something we’ve all had a go at before: it’s a fairly pedestrian light citrus-y scent with warmer middle and base notes, great for the daytime. Despite being a sweet scent that dangerously strays into Victoria’s Secret PINK territory, at least it doesn’t LOOK like it was bottled for tweens.

Mustika Ratu Hair Tonic

Where would I be without this beauty? I have terrible allergies to nearly everything, and my body reacts to allergens by manifesting themselves through itchy skin. Sometimes the itching goes all the way up to my head, where the application of a topical antihistamine is out of the question. When my scalp gets fussy, I just pour this stuff all over my head and it gives it a calming effect. The scent was very off-putting at first (very strong earthy, herbal fragrance that smelled like jamu shops), but I don’t think I’m interested in anything but this hair tonic to keep my scalp happy, especially with a price tag just under IDR 30,000.