Wednesday Wishlist: Cle de Peau Luminizing Face Enhancer

I’m not the type of person who gets overly flustered by luxury beauty brands, but something about Cle de Peau Beaute makes me feel very, very needy every time I think about them. This is the luxury beauty offshoot belonging to Shiseido, and they’ve worked extra hard in recent years to expand their sphere of influence to a younger target market. One of their tactics includes the recruitment of Amanda Seyfreid to front the brand in advertising campaigns.

seyfried cdp

I was first exposed Cle de Peau back in high school when my mother came home with a tube of their Enriched Lip Luminizer, which is basically lipstick taken to the max. The formula is rich and buttery, so wearing it feels like you have a decadent cheesecake on your lips all day. My mother was so happy when I bought her an Enriched Lip Luminizer for her birthday this year; it wasn’t cheap (the product costs nearly USD 90 a pop), but the great thing about Cle de Peau is that they have refill options. The refills cost half the price of the original price tag, making them a very plausible gift choice for future Christmases and birthdays.

Wearing Cle de Peau lipstick basically feels like wearing liquid gold on your lips, but the next step on the luxury ladder is the feeling of wearing powdered gold all over your face: this is why I have the Cle de Peau Luminizing Face Enhancer on my Wednesday Wishlist.

cle de peau 1I actually prefer simple, minimalist packaging, but there’s a kitsch-ridden side of me that enjoys beauty products that come in gaudy and unnecessarily elaborate packaging. I don’t even wear highlighter regularly, but I will get religious about applying it if my highlighter came in a compact that looked like this!

The product is encased in a multi-faceted compact designed by British jeweler Shaun Leane, to match the design of the highlighter powder itself. The website describes the highlighter powder as “…innovative light-directing technology to refine contours and illuminate your complexion.” Okay sure, whatever — I believe you. They could sell me air in a compact that looks like that and I’d still buy it.

cle de peau 2The highlighter comes in four different shades that serve to bring out completely different looks — but at first glance, I’d say that all the shades appear as if they’d flatter most skin tones. I’ll be hopping over the the Cle de Peau store in Plaza Indonesia to check on how much this baby will set me back, but it retails for USD 95 on the Nordstrom website, while the refill is going for the less cardiac arrest-inducing price of USD 55

You know what? For those sort of prices, I’d better come out of the store looking exactly like Amanda Seyfriend after buying this highlighter.