Friday Fragrance: Euphoria by Lush

I walked into a Lush store in Singapore with the hopes of buying a solid perfume, but you know what they say about shopping: there are your plans, and there are the shopping gods’ plans.

Lush fragrances are produced by the father-son team behind Gorilla Perfume, a range of “revolutionary fine fragrances inspired by art, music, and poetry.” Gorilla Perfume scents are unconventional — some almost jarring — in a way that makes you describe the scents in terms of sensations rather than traditional fragrance identifiers. I’m already a big fan of Sikkim Girls (humid) and The Bug (sunless), and I was excited to add another to my collection.


I picked up a scent called Euphoria in a tiny little vial, its little decorative sticker evocative of a circus tent. I think that the “loud circus tent” feeling is pretty accurate when you pat this on your pulse points. This is a cologne with warm, citrus-y note, mixing essential oils derived from clary sage, neroli, lime, and grapefruit. It is immediately uplifting upon application, and — like all good fragrances — it smells totally different depending on who wears it. The only thing I don’t enjoy about this is that it is a cologne, meaning that the lasting power is not that great.

Of all the scents in the Gorilla Perfumes range, Euphoria is arguably one of the more milquetoast ones — but that’s like being asked to pick out the weakest Elie Saab dress in an immaculate collection. So this isn’t necessarily a bad scent: it’s just safe, democratic, and universally pleasing.

The scent is available  in sizes ranging from .03 fl oz to 3.1 fl. oz. bottles. I picked up the tiny .03 fl. oz. bottle for SGD 25 (~IDR 235,000); I feel that it’s a little pricey for something made up mostly of alcohol, but it’s worth every penny if you are in line with any of Lush’s strict policies of not testing on animals, buying ethically-sourced raw ingredients, and being vegetarian-friendly.