#FDBeauty Video: How to Create an Ombre Lip

Woohoo! Yesterday was Beyonce’s birthday — HAPPY BIRTHDAY, QUEEN B! :’) Here’s our first #FDBeauty video in line with Beyonce Appreciation Month, and we’ve decided to copy an element of the makeup used in the music video for Video Phone.

beyonce videophone

See that ombre lip? We love it so hard and wanted to recreate it, but here’s the problem: the metallic sheen of the lipstick used makes it a little, well, tricky for everyday wear. In our video tutorial, we used two different color combinations that are more wearable for the office or parties.

Remember that this is not a low-maintenance look, especially if you combine snacking/drinking throughout the day with lipstick that isn’t matte or long-lasting. Lots of blending is required for the full effect but trust me, the final effect will be worth your trouble!