SK-II for Men Launches in Indonesia

Skincare is no longer the domain of women: more and more men are becoming increasingly aware of how important a solid skin care routine is. No  one knows that better than the husbands of SK-II ambassadors Susan Bachtiar and Dominique Diyose, whose skin remain aglow despite a rather punishing schedule of work and travel. They were recently in Shanghai to rub shoulders with fellow global SK-II ambassadors, including Cate Blanchett, Tang Wei, and Kim Hee Ae.

During a media gathering in South Jakarta recently, the two reported on their adventures in Shangai and we celebrated the recent wedding of Dominique Diyose (she looked absolutely stunning in the wedding photos — but that goes without saying) . The ambassadors brought along their husbands to the event, and during a lighthearted moment, Susan Bachtiar’s husband Roger van Tongeren openly admitted to pilfering his wife’s star SK-II product: the Facial Treatment Essence.

Photo group 1

So I’m sure that Susan and Dominique must have been the first to jump with joy when it was announced that SK-II Men will finally arrive on Indonesian shores in September 2014, with a range that includes a Facial Treatment Essence formulated for men. No mare pilfered products (or sharing, depending on who you’re talking to ;))!

The formulation of the products in the SK-II Men range is different, taking into account how men’s skin is generally oilier than women’s. The products are targeted towards the problems associated with aging men’s skin: increased oiliness, enlarged pores, decreased hydration, and duller skin.

sk-ii men

There are actually five products in this range, but Indonesia will begin with the introduction of three products, . The price points will not be too far off from SK-II products already available; and in addition to a different formulation and a different packaging color scheme, the other difference between regular SK-II product and products in the SK-II Men range is a stronger, more minty scent profile.

So if there’s a husband, boyfriend, brother, or father who you want to see with brighter and younger skin, bring them with you next time you go out for a resupply of your SK-II products ;)