Citra Presents Japanese Wakame and Korean Pink Orchid

When it comes to food, films, philosophies, and life in general, it’s always good to look beyond our borders for inspiration. If it weren’t for an outward-looking curiosity, I think I would’ve had a harder time getting hooked on hummus, The Godfather, and Marxism back in high school. These cross-cultural experiences broaden our world view and enrich us as human beings.

And so it was with the same idea that Indonesian beauty powerhouse, Citra, looked over to our friends in the northeast for inspiration on two new ranges of body and skin care products in their catalog: say hello to Japanese Wakame and Korean Pink Orchid.

citra 1We first welcomed the arrival of the Japanese Wakame and Korean Pink Orchid during a warm gathering that Citra held with Female Daily forum members at Jakarta’s Morissey Hotel. At the event, we tried out each product on our own skin and learned about the respective benefits firsthand from the brand experts themselves.


From the Japanese Wakame line are two body products: the Light Touch Gel Lotion and the Light Touch Serum. Both of these were designed to moisturize and brighten any dull, dehydrated skin, but they come in two different textures that are suited to your personal needs: the serum is a lightweight and non-greasy emollient, and like all body serums, the winning factor here is how quickly it is absorbed into skin. There is no feeling of stickiness or greasiness when you apply it, which makes it just great for the heat and humidity of the tropics.

But with that said, I certainly don’t mean that the lotion is goopy and greasy and sticky: the gel lotion is also hydrating and absorbed quickly into the skin. The texture is similar to a water-based gel, but it does feel thicker and more luxurious than the serum. This is probably best enjoyed just as you’re getting ready for bed, and you will wake up knowing your skin is still well-hydrated.

Wakame itself is basically an edible seaweed — similar to the type that you enjoy when you go out for sushi :) The benefits of wakame have been heralded for centuries, held in high esteem by the Japanese for its health benefits. When you eat wakame, your body reaps the benefits of the magnesium, iron, and vitamins that come packed in it; your skin, meanwhile, benefits from the  antioxidants . These antioxidants are the same ones that fight off free radicals that are associated with aging skin, giving you skin that’s more radiant and supple.


We then skip across a narrow sea over to the Korean Peninsula, where inspiration for the Korean Pink Orchid range came in. The active ingredients in the orchid were used for the benefit of a skin care range comprising of a facial foam and moisturizer, aiming at the much-wanted look of bright, radiant skin made so desirable since the rise of K-Pop and K-dramas :)

The facial foam is designed for daily use, and while I haven’t tried it out for  myself, I’ve heard from other ladies that the formulation is rich, gentle, and not overly stripping. One of the star ingredients in the facial foam is niacinamide, which is renowned for its clout against signs of aging skin. It helps improve elasticity, diminish discoloration, and improve texture. Follow this up with the Korean Pink Orchid Facial Moisturizer, which contains SPF for ever-important sun protection to protects skin from UVA and UVB rays.


After all the research into  ingredients that from foreign shores for the benefit of Indonesian skin, Citra happily introduced these new ranges to serve both your body and skin care needs. Have you tried out these new Citra products? Come see what fellow FD-ers are saying about in the forum, and leave a comment below if you’ve experienced these new products for yourself!