More Good News for Lazy Girls: Dermacol Enja Slimming Body Milk

Hear hear! 2014 is the Year of the Lazy Girl — while I definitely fall under the “lazy” category, I would like to fight the stigma that comes along with it. See, it’s not that lazy people are actually lazy…we’re actually all about efficiency, and we love the idea of an efficient product that kills two birds with one stone.

When it comes to beauty products, being lazy/efficient basically means that I like products that are easy to use, which is why I will forever sing the praises of cream blush. I also like products that do more than one things at a time, like tints. Another member of the FD team has also confessed to enjoying the idea behind the Sit Tight Intense XS by Soap & Glory, which eliminates cellulite with its caffeine properties.

So she’ll be happy to know that there’s a product in the market that, like the Soap & Glory product, does two things at once: introducing the Enja Slimming Body Milk by Dermacol.

IMG_9169Dermacol is a cosmetics company out of the Czech Republic — I don’t know much about the Czech Republic, but two things I enjoy about it are the cool carons in the names of its footballers (Šmicer, Baroš, Čech) and the accents in the names of its supermodels (Němcová, Kurková, Herzigová).

Dermacol began its life in Prague in the 1960s as a specialist in makeup for the film industry, with roots in medicine. The brand expanded over the years, adding products to include skin care, sun care, body care, and salon-grade hair colors. It is currently distributed in Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.

So the Slimming Body Milk falls under the Enja line, which can further be broken down into slimming, firming, anti-cellulite, and anti-strechmark. This particular body milk works for “anti-cellulite and reshaping effects,” so it’s ideal for areas of your body where you might have a little bit of cottage cheese action going on. Why is this a star product for lazy people? Because not only does it “facilitate fat breakdown” and reduce the appearance of cellulite, but it will moisturize and assist skin regeneration too.

The product is light and not overly greasy, and doesn’t smell weird (always the bane of most anti-cellulite products). For best results, apply it twice a day (morning and night) — but does it work?

Products that promise to shed centimeters from your body should always be taken with a grain of salt — it can’t do its job if you continue to snack mindlessly and refuse to go to the gym. There is no quick and easy way if your main aim is to lose a few centimeters from your measurements; this product simply expedites the effort that you have already put into living a healthier life.

The good news? If you already are doing squats and lunges on the regular, this product has been shown to help individuals in a testing group you lose up to 3.1 cm in 28 days. So the moral of the story is: never stop squatting or lunging!