Made in Indonesia Week: Wangsa Jelita

I get so excited whenever I learn about Indonesian-founded companies that deal in my language: beauty, skin care, and bath & body products. I have heard about Wangsa Jelita for awhile and have been meaning to write about them for the longest time, especially since my excitement trebled when I learned that this was a company that cared about beauty and environmental sustainability.

Operating out of beautiful Bandung, Wangsa Jelita promises bath and body products that are free of parabens and harmful chemicals. Since I’m currently riding high on the crest of the “natural beauty” movement, these are selling that have plenty of appeal for me.

wangsa jelita 1All the research that goes into Wangsa Jelita products is overseen by the brand’s founders, a team of women with backgrounds in science and art who are passionate about beauty derived from nature with as little lab synthesis as possible. But since there is no institutionalized body that determines the definition or parameters of “natural” beauty products, Wangsa Jelita maintain a strict set of . Their definition of “natural” is as follows:

- no ingredients that are surfactant in nature (e.g. sodium laureth suldate), no artificial colorings, no preservatives (parabens)
– ingredients used must be biodegradable and 95% natural (a standard set by the USA’s Natural Product Association)
– sources of ingredients used must be renewable in nature and processed in a manner that does not harm the environment
– “non-natural” ingredients may only be used when no natural alternatives are available. Other than that, “non-natural” ingredients must fulfill safety criteria for humans and the environment

wangsa jelita 3Their roster of products is pretty basic but comprehensive: Wangsa Jelita has a catalog filled with bar soaps, body scrubs, body lotions, body butter, and — most interesting to me — something called “beauty oils.” Currently available in two variants (Relaxing Lavender and Energizing Sandalwood), these are multipurpose natural oils with a laundry list of uses: as a makeup remover, to hydrate stressed-out tresses, hydrate skin, as a massage oil, and more. Being the utilitarian that I am, of course it’d make sense that I gravitate towards the oils the most :)

wangsa jelita 2We are actually in the process of reviewing one of the latest additions to their products, the Rose True Natural and Healthy Lotion — so keep an eye out for the upcoming review! Til then, you can stay abreast of (and shop for) Wangsa Jelita through their website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.