Instagram Love: Hannah Bronfman, Style & Beauty Icon

Instagram is such a great social media tool for looking up online stores, makeup inspiration, and more. But for some reason, something we haven’t brought up yet is how great Instagram is for looking up fashion inspiration through individuals who channel great personal style.

Someone whose style (and low-key beauty) I enjoy looking through is none other than one of my current girl crushes, the tireless Hannah Bronfman:

Hannah is a New York-based DJ, socialite, and entrepreneur whose family fortunes can be traced back the United States’ Prohibition era in the 1920s. But if you think she’s taking it easy in life with daddy’s credit card in tow, you’ve got it wrong: not only is she an in-demand DJ, she also founded an app called Beautified, which makes it easy for users to book same-day beauty appointments.

Her style is eclectic and her tastes expensive, but still accessible and relatable in the manner she puts everything together. Expect to find her looks peppered with pieces from high-end houses, but she wears everything in a way that doesn’t weigh her down or make her appear overly stuffy.

As far as her appeal goes, of course it helps that she’s drop dead gorgeous and works hard to get that killer bod: the #HBFit hashtag is dedicated to her health and fitness conquests, which includes hardcore exercising (lots of cardio), fun workouts (Beyonce dancing classes!), and home-made healthy food and drinks that actually look delicious.

Look, even her nail game is on point:

hb 1I’ve been keeping an even closer eye on Hannah’s Instagram feed in an anticipation of the upcoming Fashion is You event at Jakarta’s Galeries Lafayette, looking for someone on the red carpet who shares a similar style vibe as her. You remember Fashion is You, right? Last year’s event gave the opportunity for nearly 150 men and women to walk a long red carpet and be judged based on their personal style know-how. 

The winner of the 2013 Fashion is You won a trip to Paris (ooh la la) — this year will see two winners be given a Galeries Lafayette gift card worth IDR 10 mio, return flights to Paris, and more. So if you fancy your chances at being a style icon, why not sign up for the season’s greatest street style competition by registering through this link. The selection process will take place until November 2, 2014. Good luck!