Things You Can Buy Instead of That $50 Louboutin Nail Polish

I’m sure by now that you, dear reader, have heard about the Rouge Louboutin nail polish by Christian Louboutin. It set tongues wagging, but I’m sure most tongues retreated into the safety of the oral cavity when the bombshell of a price tag hit them: at USD 50 a pop, it isn’t exactly cheap. Even our most ardent nail polish enthusiast, Shella, thought that the price tag was a little extravagant. This is what the bottle looks like:



The bottle alone is thing of beauty, yes. And I totally understand why anyone would want bottled Louboutins. But for USD 50? You can get a perfectly decent bottle of red these days for USD 10, so it makes the price of this particular item a little difficult to justify. If you’re trying to figure out whether or not this is right for you, let me help you put things into perspective by listing a few other things you can buy for USD 50:

Microsoft stock

msftAt the time of writing, Microsoft shares are going at USD 43.23 apiece. More affordable than Apple (pushing USD 100 now!), but more valuable and promising than Nokia (we hardly knew ye). 

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