Face Mapping: Is it Real?

Last year’s Jakarta Fashion Week was a pleasure and a pain to go through. I thoroughly enjoyed the excitement and buzz of attending and writing about fashion shows in this country’s premier fashion week, but it did not come without a cost — and the cost that I am talking about here is physical discomfort.

Griss, myself, and our beloved contributors spent innumerable hours on our feet, walking around from post to post to watch shows, attend press conferences, and stake out a spot for a wifi signal. As far as my feet were concerned, it was a nightmare, even when I was wearing flats. This is why I would sneak out of the Fashion Tent and into Senayan City Mall when I had time between shows — in these happy moments, I would go ahead and treat myself to an hour of reflexology.


The alternative medicinal art of refloxology basically lies in the theory that different zones of the feet correspond to different parts of the body. For example: if you feel pain when the tips of your toes are engaged, that may mean you’re having sinus issues. In theory, when the pain dissipates after the massage, so should your sinus problems.

Apparently, the same zonal theory applies to pimples and where they fall on the face. So the theory posits that if you are experiencing a breakout in the area between your eyebrows, you may be having liver issues. The solution would be to drink more water and eliminate alcohol and fatty foods from your diet; breakouts in the corners of you lips may mean you need to implement for fiber into your diet.

melissaBut remember: as with all alternative medicines, there is no hard science behind face mapping that legitimizes its claims. Use it only for fun, and to determine the cause behind one-off zits and not serious acne breakouts. Remember to see a doctor if your acne problem persists or worsens despite your shelling out regular treatment. Map away!