Jakarta Style Beat: Shop For a New Summer Wardrobe

Bateeq at Plaza Indonesia

Remember the stunning collaboration between Bateeq and Peggy Hartanto that premiered at this year’s Fashion Nation? Well that collection is raring and ready to go — into your own closet, that is. A new Bateeq store opened at Plaza Indonesia, and key among the collections was this “so-obvious-it’s-brilliant” collaboration between a brand that wants to redefine the way batik is worn with a young Indonesian designer who has consistently produced striking collections with her creativity.

The new Bateeq store is located at Jakarta’s Plaza Indonesia, Level 2 #043 & #043A.

bateeq p hartanto

iRoo at Plaza Senayan

irooFans of the Taiwan style scene will be happy to know that iRoo has opened a second store, this time at Plaza Senayan. This opening is hot on the heels of of the opening of the first iRoo store at Pacific Place back in November 2013. The opening of a second store in less than ten months shows the pace at which the brand is keen on saturating the Jakarta market, while hoping to hawk its “affordable high quality clothing” that is, essentially, luxe fast fashion.

The iRoo store is located at Jakarta’s Plaza Senayan Level 2 Unit #205A-207A.