New in Town: Sisley So Intense Mascara

Hooray for the crossroads where science, beauty innovation, and versatility meet!

There is no end in sight for my impartiality towards beauty products that can do more than one thing at once. As far as eyelashes go, there are three inventions in the history of beauty that have fueled our ongoing obsession with our lashes: mascara, fake eyelashes, and eyelash serums. There has been a marriage between two of these three products that eliminate the need for separate products, because one product has made it possible for you now can apply both mascara and eyelash serum at once: this is the Sisley So Intense Mascara.

sisley so intense 2
As a mascara, the product makes use of sheathing polymers that coat every lash in a protective layer; it also contains carnauba wax and silica¬† mibrobeads to “maximize the volumizing effect.” The brush has also been specially designed in a comb-like structure to make sure that the product makes it to every lash hair, ad that each lash is separated and stretched out for maximum volume.

Sisley applied its philosophy behind its skincare products to the serum aspect of the mascara. It contains a brand new vitamin peptide ingredient that saw up to 25% increase in length and thickness after four weeks of clinical tests. It first provides lashes with nourishing castor oil and pro-vitamin B5 for suppleness, and then strengthened with another proprietary ingredient. So not only will you gain the cosmetic effect of thicker, fuller lashes — you will actually¬†get thicker and fuller lashes after consistent use.

sisley so intense 1Does this sound like a winning product to you? Sisley So Intense is available in three shades (Deep Black, Deep Brown, Deep Blue). A 7.5 ml pen retails for IDR 620,000 at Sisley counters at all over Indonesia.