Ooh, Shiny: Atelier Pedra’s Minimalist Bling is Big on Style

There’s a hipster/indie jewelry line based in New York called Brvtvs that I really enjoy. It’s a treasure trove of gold jewelry described as “restrained and delicate,” a perfect set of descriptors for understated jewelry. The indie jewelry market in New York has seen scores of lines with similar aesthetics spring up, and it looks like Jakarta is in on the same game too.

Jakarta is also home to a pride of jewelry artists who specialize in low-key but high-impact minimalism: remember Rosalyn Citta, a nominee of last year’s Cleo Fashion Awards? Simplicity is also key at From Tiny Islands, and now we have another name to add to Jakarta’s swelling population of jewelers who forsake statement for simplicity: this is Atelier Pedra.

pedra atelier 1pedra atelier 2

Atelier Pedra is the brainchild of Rara Emiria Larasati, who crafts each piece lovingly by hand.  She works with brass and silver, with some gold plated pieces, and quartz is the star stone in her collections. Quartz is actually a pretty common crystal, and not many are too keen on it as a gemstone because it is often too cloudy — but it has seen a rise in popularity among indie jewelers for that precise reason: the juxtaposition of cloudy quartz stones and jagged druzy quartz with delicately fine gold-plated is the star of the latest L’Arctique collection is what make each piece unique.

pedra atelier 3Do you think this the kind of bling you’d want to wear? Browse through more of Atelier Pedra’s wares on their Instagram and Facebook