Suave Spa Waxing: A Piece of Paradise in Downtown Jakarta

When I woke on Thursday morning, I was pale and tired and heavy from weeks of intermittent sleep to watch the World Cup. My muscles were in knots and the basic of act of breathing made me nauseated.

It was a good thing then, that on Thursday morning I was on my way to Suave Spa Waxing. Opened in March 2014 and located next to a string of popular food joints in the sleepy Senopati area, Suave Spa Waxing is a cozy, quiet spot for ladies to wind down and recharge.


First of all, don’t let the name fool you: while it is called Suave Spa Waxing, they offer a plethora of services with their most popular one being their trademark massage. The initial business plan plotted the place to just being a waxing parlor — but therapists here offered a free massage after each waxing session to relieve the body of any tingly pains. When more and more customers started asking just for the massage, they altered their menu to include a variety of massages too.

I experienced the hour-long Full Body massage, although I remember feeling that it lasted much longer than that. I was instructed by a therapist to strip down to my birthday suit, but she immediately put me at ease with her calm and professional demeanor. She started by kneading my legs with baby oil, and then moved up to work on my arms, back, and neck. Every time she started working on a new section, she would quietly ask me if I wanted more or less pressure applied.

At the end of the session, I was treated to a cup of delicious cup of ginger tea and then presented with a stamp card: for every treatment you purchase at the place, you get a stamp. Once you collect ten stamps, you are entitled to one free treatment of your choice. I felt a million times better after the massage: not only had my tiredness and nausea completely dissipated, I was flooded with a sense of contentedness, relaxation, and recharge that you get after having your body knead by a tiny (but disproportionately physically powerful) woman.

IMG_8711The services at Suave Spa Waxing are very, very competitively priced too: a full body massage will set you back no more than Rp. 100,000. Their scrub services range from Rp. 50,000 to Rp. 80,000, and their facial threading services range from Rp. 20,000 – Rp. 60,000.

They have a comprehensive waxing menu as well, offering a bill of select and full body services with your choice of sugar, soft wax, and hard wax. The most expensive wax service is a full body treatment with soft wax, priced at Rp. 450,000. I know places that will charge more than Rp. 1,000,000 for the same thing, which makes the choice to go for Suave an absolute no-brainer.

Suave Spa Waxing is located at the RMM Building, Jl. Suryo 8, Kebayoran Baru. You can call to make inquiries or book ahead at+62 21 724 44 06, or check out their Twitter, Facebook, and website to stay updated with promotions. They have a promotion going between July 30 – August 17, where all services are going at 20% off. How amazing is that? If you find yourself in the Jakarta downtown and need a place to unwind, keep this place in mind for money well spent.