Cleaning Your Yoga Mat Has Never Smelled Better

You ladies know that my laziness knows no bounds, and it has affected my personal Fit N Fab quest too. I haven’t done any exercising in months, which has caused me to graduate one dress size up. But I’m a cheapskate, and buying new clothes to accommodate my growing waistline is expensive, so I realized it was time to throw myself back into the daily exercise game — starting with fun HIIT workouts.

Something that I use quite frequently in HIIT workouts is my yoga mat. I took it out retirement, dusted the inch-thick film of dust off of it, and gave it a washing-down in my shower. But it still smelled like eau de sweat, which was a sign for me to bring out the big guns: this is the Yoga Mat Spray from Dukha to Sukha.

IMG_8693Dukha to Sukha an Indonesian company that specializes in “Natural Products for Your Yogic Life.” They offer all sorts of products to help make your yoga sessions more enjoyable, like room fragrances, facial mist sprays, body oils, and massage balms. The Yoga Mat Spray can be used before or after exercise: just mist it on the mat, wipe down with a soft cloth, and wait for it to dry. Here are the ingredients:

Sweet orange oil, bergamot oil, cold pressed lemon oil, tea tree oil, vegetable emulsifier, naturally occurring boric acid, menthol, purified water.

Tea tree oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties to keep your yoga mat in shape so you can practically lick food off of it (but please don’t. It’s gross). That’s all fine and dandy, but the star ingredients of this spray for me are the essential oils, which is what eventually gives your yoga mat the most divine, soothing scent. The Yoga Mat Sprays are available in four varieties: Harmony (floral lavender), Vitality (spicy lemon), Clarity (fresh mint), and Uplifting (zesty citrus).

I own a bottle of the Uplifting spray, and trust me when I say that the scent has encouraged me to clean up my yoga mat more often. The Sukha to Dukha Yoga Mat Spray comes in 99 ml bottles and retails at IDR 99,000 at Breathe (Jl. Kemang Utara 38), but you can also pick them up at the Breathe online store.