Battle of the Week: Lipstick vs Liquids

You might remember an experiment I did earlier this year called Lipstick vs Lunch, where I pitted three of my favorite red lipsticks against a panini. This time round, I decided to test the claim of three waterproof lipsticks: the Clio Lipnicure, Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge, and Lime Crime Velvetines.

All these products look (and are applied) like lip gloss, but all three are actually bona fide lipsticks with very strong color pigmentation and very matte finishes. All three claim to be long-lasting, smudge proof, and waterproof to boot, which is why I decided to pit them both against a glass of water. I recruited Shella for this test, and explained the parameters of this quick experiment:

  • The lipsticks are applied immediately on lips that have been cleaned with Bioderma
  • Shella I will take two liberal sips of water
  • Observe and report results

Let’s get this Lipstick vs Liquids battle started!


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