Yay or Nay: The Caveman Beauty Regimen

I’ve been reading a bunch of articles on the internet that talked about something called the caveman regimen, which literally takes skincare back to the stone age. This is basically a skincare routine that requires you to not wash your face or put any products on it for 30 days. Thirty days of no products or cleansing products on your face. Not even water! This is one of those horror stories that sends shivers down the spine of anyone who regularly practices double cleansing and the religious application of serums, SPF, and everything in between.

cavemanThe theory behind this seemingly wretch-inducing regimen is that products — makeup, cleaners, serum, basically anything you apply to the skin on your face — upset the skin’s pH balance and strip away the protective acid mantle that combat bacteria that causes zits.

So the theory postulates that skin has the ability to “heal” itself, and the application of makeup, soaps, serums, and creams only inhibit its self-regulation. The efficacy of this regimen is boosted by the accounts on blogs and skin care forums from people who claim this method has helped them clear their acne — in fact, most of the information on the internet regarding this unconventional routine is based on people who have severe acne issues.

acid mantle(Image source)

I enjoy the “less is more” philosophy too, I don’t think I’ll be practicing this method anytime soon, especially since I live in a city with serious pollution problems. Another issue I have with the caveman regimen is this: skin cells regenerate every 27 days or so, which means dead skin cells just sit there if you don’t help slough it off with some sort of exfoliating process. I’m not ready to stop scrubbing, and I’m definitely not ready to go about my days without makeup.

So while I’m not completely sold on it, I am interested in the idea of minimizing the use (something I already talked about in another post). Does the caveman regimen sound like something you’d like to try out? Would you be okay with thirty days of no makeup or cleansing whatsoever?