Today’s Outfit: FDHQ Guests are Laid-Back in White

We had two different superstars visit Female Daily Headquarters recently — and whaddya know? They both made white an integral part of their outfits. It’s as if famous beautiful people are linked by some sort of style telekinesis or something, so we took the opportunity to snap their pictures for a Today’s Outfit feature on the utility of white outfits.

I can’t wear white because I’m a secretly a three year-old child: I can’t eat or drink anything without it getting stained by burritos, blood, and everything in between. I’m both amazed and envious at people who bravely go out to face the world in a white outfit!

So first, we were visited by the effervescent Raline Shah. She was a joy to interview because she’s humorous and self-deprecating, two traits that are always welcome when you’re talking to someone whose résumé includes model, actress, and Puteri Indonesia finalist.


She wore a white shift dress from Mango and paired it with metallic gold sandals from Sergio Rossi. Come to think of it, the last time we saw Raline was at the announcement of her as the new Pantene ambassador, where she also wore white. We learned that her schedule became even busier since then, so we spent plenty of time just chatting and catching up. Look out for interview on these pages soon!

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