Let Your Color Personality Shine with Maybelline COLORSHOW

What’s your favorite color?

I know it’s fluff armchair psychology, but there’s an ages-old theory out there that suggests the decisions behind you picking out your favorite color is also telling of your personality. After sifting through the internet (read: top ten search results on Google), here are some assessments I can make about some popular favorite colors:

Do you like red? You’re probably an extroverted and straight-crazy adrenaline junkie who thinks there is no greater pain than having to sit still for hours on end. You would make a lousy auditor, but a good participant on a Japanese game show. You might be clinically insane. Your spirit animal is the honey badger.

Are you partial to blue? You’re conservative, sober, and level-headed. You probably think it’s perfectly sensible to wear a long-sleeved turtleneck on a scorching summer’s day. There is a chance you might be the second most boring person within any 20-meter radius (KIDDING). Your spirit animal is Sailor Mercury.

Are  you a fan of green? You are social, down-to-earth, and intelligent. You find safety in conversations with other sentient carbon-based lifeforms and enjoy being part of multiple social groups. Basically, you are a needy party animal. Your spirit animal is Frankenstein’s monster.

I was reminded of this fun color personality theory at the unveiling of Velove Vexia as the new brand ambassador of Maybelline COLORSHOW. If you haven’t heard of it before, Maybelline COLORSHOW is a range of high-impact colors at low prices. If you’ve been looking to department store brands for lipstick, eyeliner, and nail polish in loud, non-neutral colors, you can say goodbye to all that and hello to the Maybelline counter at your favorite drugstore.

IMG_0836The lipsticks in the COLORSHOW range come in 15 highly-pigmented shades that with a semi-matte finish that feel like a nourishing lip balm. The colors you see above are Party Pink, Pink Please, and Downtown Red.

Another favorite of ours was the selection of 30 nail polish shades in different finishes. We tried out the solid cotton candy pink (Constant Candy) and Spanish blue (Shocking Seas), and they needed about three coats before reaching full opacity. However, the darker shades with a bit of a glittery gold finish to them (Wine & Dine and Buried Treasure) went on full smoothly.

IMG_0841Basically, the COLORSHOW series is a good way of testing the waters before you make a pricey splurge on an unconventional shade. For instance, say you see a nail polish from Ciaté that you love but aren’t sure you can pull off. Before you spend ~IDR 175,000 on a bottle of nail polish in a shade that’s out of your comfort zone, you can pick up something similar from the wallet friendly COLORSHOW series and test run that for a week. If you love it, great! If you didn’t — oh let’s face it, what are the chances of anyone completely hating a nail polish in any shade? ;)

Maybelline COLORSHOW products are available at drugstores and Maybelline counters everywhere.