#FDBeauty Video Tutorial: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius Kit

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius Kit has been a cult favorite among beauty enthusiasts for awhile now. When makeup artist Endi Feng came back to FDHQ once again, I jumped on the chance to have him try the product out on me.

The three-piece kit consists of the Beauty Genius Clear Waterproofing Gel, Brow Wiz Loose Powder, and a double-sided eyebrow brush and wand. The product works by mixing the Beauty Genius Clear Waterproofing Gel (a waterproof sealer) with the Brow Wiz Loose Powder to result in a cream, which is then applied to the brow. Although I already have fairly thick and dense eyebrows, they’re also a little patchy and laughably asymmetrical. With a few quick flicks of his wrist, Endi filled in my brows so they appear even thicker and fuller.

The most winning feature of this product is that it doesn’t slip or smudge, no matter how much accidental rubbing you do on it. Once you apply the product onto your skin, it won’t budge until you order it too with some makeup remover. While not the most practical eyebrow product in the market, its all-day staying power is worth its USD 24 price tag.