Beauty Advice for Disney Villains

Have you seen the trailer for Disney’s upcoming live-action flick, Maleficent? The movie’s cast includes Elle Fanning, Juno Temple, and Angelina Jolie’s Cheekbones in the title role. It looks like a doozy, with a trailer that resembles a dark acid trip more than a conventional Disney movie.

Maleficent was one of my favorite Disney Villains growing up — her manner was so calm and dry, except for, y’know, the whole “I’m-super-offended-you-didn’t-invite-me-to-your-party-so-now-I’m-going-to-curse-the-entire-kingdom” thing. But other than that, I genuinely enjoyed the way animators drew her. In fact, I enjoy Disney villains so much that I thought I’d do a little article that breaks down and makes beauty recommendations based on how they were originally drawn in the respective animated movies that made them famous.

And while I’m probably the last person who should be shelling out unwanted advice to a set of characters that are already *FLAWLESS*, I’m going to do it anyway. Let’s do this!

First: Maleficent >>