Splurge & Steal: Liquid Eyeliners

The only reason I like writing about liquid eyeliners is because they’re the only eye makeup I wear on a daily basis. I’m not deft or creative enough to be trusted with eyeshadow, so I stick to the only safe option I know. It might be boring, but it works for me :)

There are really only two things I look out for when picking out liquid eyeliners:

  • Waterproof, all-day stay formula. What’s the point of having a liquid eyeliner if you have to keep reapplying it over and over? I’m sure you’re much too busy for the need to constantly reapply your eyeliner anyway ;)
  • Felt tip applicator. Griss has already written about the different types of eyeliners, but my personal favorite liquid eyeliners are the ones that come with felt tip applicators. In turn, there are two types of felt tip eyeliners you see out there: felt tip markers and felt tip wands.liquid-eyelinerFelt tip markers (top) like the Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eyeliner and Maybelline Hypersharp tend to be more flexible, easier to control, and more convenient overall, but their formulas take a while to dry and are generally not as opaque as their counterparts’. Felt tip wands (bottom) like the Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner are stiffer, but the inkwell bottle almost always comes with a jet-black formula.

With all that in mind,  I wanted to look for a replacement for my all-time favorite eyeliner, the Estee Lauder Double Wear. While the Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner is a great substitute, I wanted to look for something a little more compact, so I tried out the Wet n Wild H2O Proof Liquid Liner. Like the Double Wear, the H2O Proof also has a sturdy felt tip wand and opaque finish.

But unfortunately for me, that’s where the similarities ended.