Today’s Outfit: Upcycling For a Cause

Kila and I have been photographed once or twice after accidentally wearing similar outfits to the office. She and I already have similar tastes in music, horror movies, and spectacles, so I guess it would make sense for us to have similar style tastes too. We’re two sides of the same coin: we both like layering (she likes cardigans, I like blazers), boots (she likes Doc Martens, I like leather booties), and red lipstick (MAC Russian Red), and we recently found out that we both share a love for denim outerwear.

todays outfit dk 1On Dhany: Denim jacket Sight from the East | T-shirt Thunderpanda | Jeans Levi’s | Booties Sofft
On Kila: Denim jacket Sight from the East | T-shirt Vint8 | Jeans Unbranded | Shoes Converse

The jackets we’re wearing are from Sight From the East, which takes thrifted denim jackets and modifies them with tenun from Flores. All profits from the denim sales go to Menuju Timur, an incredible project which with a mission to develop community and education centers in Flores, with the hopes of propelling the people of the East Indonesian island to build a better future for themselves. The tenun is actually sourced from Flores communities with whom Intan and Arya — the founders of Menuju Timur — are already in touch.

We’re sporting a lot of local pride in the form of our t-shirts too: Kila wears a Ramones print by Vint8, while my shirt is made by graphic designer, music impresario, and all-around good guy Eric Wirjanata (better known in Jakarta circles as Thunderpanda). We’re extremely thrilled to call all these people friends!
todays outfit dk 2Later on that evening, I attended the hugely entertaining¬†Heart Records,¬†a musical theater extravaganza by the Jakarta Broadway Team. We already talked about the makeup and costume preparations that the team took for this particular show, and it was really exciting to see everything come together so well in a well-executed performance that included dancing, singing, and a live band. The dialog was witty, the staging was simple but effective, and the music was toe-tapping fun. The next time you get the opportunity to see the Jakarta Broadway Team in action, don’t miss them!