A Creambath to Rejuvenate Your Hair and Soul

Back in 2012, Deszell wrote at length about the Creambath Ultra service from Matrix, the leading name in products and hair care services which originated in the US. Well, they’re back again to add another innovative service into their repertoire, and this time it has a bit of local flavor injected into it.

During the last week of January, we were rounded up to experience the Matrix Totok Creambath Aromatherapy. Among the four sources present at the event were Rudy Hadisuwarno (revered hairdresser, businessman, and father of the cream bath) and Dr. Irzan Nurman, an acupuncture expert and therapist. This is the first time I’ve seen an acupuncturist at a hair care event, so I was curious to see what he had to say about his role in all this.

It turns out that the Totok Creambath Aromatherapy is a service which aims to soothe, refresh, and rejuvenate your hair, scalp, and senses. It does this by combining today’s products with acupuncture theories that have been around for thousands of years. The innovative product used for this service is the Matrix New Sensoria Care Aromatherapy, available in three varieties: Chocolate Fudge Spa Creambath,Fresh Mint Creambath, and Ylang-Ylang Essential Relaxing Spa Essence.

They might smell good and are sourced from natural ingredients, but the products are not edible! The different “flavors” serve different purposes too: the Chocolate Fudge was formulated to protect color-treated hair from prematurely leaching out; the Fresh Mint was specially made to stimulate the senses while hydrating hair and scalp; and the Ylang-Ylang Spa Essence was infused with argan oil to give hair a healthy shine.

So that’s the “creambath” and “aromatherapy” parts sorted out. What about the “totok” portion of the service?

If those “flavors” aren’t enough to titillate you, then maybe you’ll be tempted to experience the physical therapy offered through the totok service. After an application of a creambath of your choice, your scalp will be stimulated at certain pressure points to . Dr. Irzan explained how knowledge of Chinese acupuncture and traditional Javanese medicine has helped the team develop a technique that will revive the senses.

The massage will immediately relax the body and follow it up with a surge of energy afterwards. Want to experience the Totok Creambath Aromatherapy for yourself? Just walk into any salon that uses Matrix products and ask for the service.