Instagram is Your New Personal Shopping Mall

One of my favorite songs in the world includes lyrics that are especially relevant to weekends that have been botched by bad weather: We’ll stay inside ’til somebody finds/Do whatever the TV tells us/Stay inside our rosy-minded fuzz for days.

Part of my personal “rosy-minded fuzz” would include scouring Instagram for clothes and accessories. Thankfully, the wealth of local creative talent dabbling in the fashion and accessories market have established Instagram accounts to increase direct accessibility to their supporters. Here are some labels that I’ve been eyeing on the social media platform — and although most of them are readily available at online stores or brick-and-mortar shops, it’s always nice to get updates on new products on your social media feed.

Sight From the East (@sightfromtheeast)

Intan Anggita and Aria Angga Dwipa found a higher calling when they traveled to Nusa Tenggara Timur and fell in love with everything about it. They wanted to invest their energy into helping develop the NTT community and funded their social endeavor with a great idea: Sight From the East refurbishes denim jackets found at flea market by converting some into vests and jazzing them up with tenun patches. The tenun is sourced from communities that Intan and Aria are already in touch with, and sales proceeds of the jackets go to community-building projects in NTT. Read about their adventures on their project blog, Menuju Timur.

Kaynn (@meytanayu)

If you like simple, sturdy leather bags for everyday use, look no further than the ones up on offer by Kaynn. Available in a range of utilitarian styles colors by Bandung-based founder Metyra Retnayu, who has also listed “Artwork//Textile designer//Leather craft//wedding dress maker” as part of her skill set.

Tina Wahono (@tinawahono)

I learned about shoe maker Tina Wahono after stalking the Instagram account of Mommies Daily Editor, Adiesty. She can always be trusted to show up to the office in bright outfits and the shoes to match, and the megawatt wedges she wore from Tina Wahono always managed to hold their own in a flowy outfit made of pinks and bright blues. Tina’s designs have a certain look about them that makes them recognizable as being hers. Have a dream design you’ve always wanted? No problem. Tina can help you design and produce your dream shoe too.

Massicot (@massicot_)

This is the brand that won the Cleo Fashion Award’s Most Promising Accessories Label at Jakarta Fashion Week 2014, and it’s clear to see why. Founders Amanda Mitsuri and Ramdhan Muhammad create beautiful one-off resin pieces. They’ve expanded their repertoire to include sandals that feature marbled heels, as seen at their JFW ’14 show.

Twentyforteen (@twentyforteen)

With all the wet weather and flooding we’ve had recently, the last thing on anyone’s mind is a taking dip in the pool. But when the floodwater recedes and the grey skies are once again inundated by blistering sunshine, jump into the pool with something by Twentyforteen. The brand already has fans here at FDHQ, with retro-inspired designs that are never boring and always friendly to all of us who are still busy working off pesky love handles.