The Secret to Brighter Underarms!

There are already so many products on the market that will brighten the skin on your face and body, but have you ever seen one that will even out and brighten the skin tone of your underarms through real care?

Introducing the Dove Whitening Deodorant, the only antiperspirant deodorant with 1/4 moisturizing cream and Vitamins E and F to give nutrition and care to the skin on your your underarm. The result? Healthier, brighter, and smoother underarm skin in just 7 days!

If you need proof of the product’s effectiveness, look no further for reviews from members of the Female Daily community. One facet of the product that our members seem to enjoy is the soft but long-lasting scent. Here are some positive things that have already been said about the Dove Whitening Deodorant:

“A reliable everyday deodorant. From all the roll-ons available at the supermarket, this one is had the best scent :) The scent isn’t too strong, so it won’t clash with whatever perfume we happen to wear. The formula is non-greasy and dries pretty quickly.” – affi

“I really like this product because the scent is subtle, and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I’ve been trying out different deodorants all this time because they keep irritating my skin, but now I can go for Dove.” – littletwinkle

“When I tried it on, I really liked the scent — reminded me of baby powder. It wasn’t sticky and was effective at keeping BO at bay during a full day of hanging out with friends.” – delicated


And guess what? We are giving away samples of Dove Whitening Deodorant! Want to try one out for yourself? All you have to do is email us your name, address, and mobile number to, with the subject “Dove Whitening Deodorant.” Hurry up and write us soon for your free sample while stocks last!