What’s Your Desert Island Sunscreen?

I like to play a fun game with my friends: we would get together and I’d ask, “If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one book/person/type of dish to spend the rest of your life with on that desert island, what would it be?”

My desert island book/person/food: Bertrand Russell's The Conquest of Happiness, Tom Hanks in Cast Away, Japanese bento.

And since SalvatoreG’s article about sunscreen and SPF was published, I started wondering what my colleagues at the office would take with them for their desert island SPF: if they could only take one sunscreen with them to a desert island, which one would it be? I surveyed the ladies of FDHQ and this is what they had to say:

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+/ PA+++


This is a favorite with Griss, whose skin drinks up the Aqua Micro Capsules quickly. This non-greasy and non-sticky formula is a follow-up to the UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse, which was more suitable for drier skin. Plenty of online reviews about this product report no white casting up application and a pleasant citrussy scent. Be warned, though: the product contains a small amount of alcohol as part of its ingredients, so make sure to test it out first if your skin is particularly sensitive to alcohol.




Shiseido Very High Sun Protection Lotion N SPF50+/´ŻąPA+++


A little bit higher up on the price range is this offering from the Shiseido Suncare range, a “…highly nourishing sunscreen lotion for the face and body that defends against powerful UVA/UVB rays that cause sunburn, cell damage and premature signs of aging.” The formula promises to be non-sticky, non-greasy, and highly resistant to water and sweat.





Kose Sekkisei Day Essence SPF25/ PA+


The ingredients of products in the Sekkisei range have brightening properties as well, so wearing this day essence gives the user the benefit of a moisturizer and sunscreen that also brightens skin. It does so by a mix of angelica root extract, coix seed extract, and melothria root extract, which work to suppress melanin production. Its anti-inflammatory properties keep it safe for users with sensitive skin and is also great to use as a makeup base.





Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel SPF 30/PA++



There’s wide range of product offerings from the Skin Aqua brand, but the one that caught our attention was the UV Moisture Gel: lightweight and best for normal to oily skin types, the scent-free and oil-free formulation absorbs into skin quickly. Because it’s so lightweight, you can reapply it in the middle of the day without feeling weighed down.




Hmm. How interesting that these favorite sunscreens are all from Japan, and two of these brands (Biore and Skin Aqua) took both places in the Sunscreen category of FD’s 2012 Best of Beauty Awards (Skincare). What’s your desert island sunscreen? Share it with us in the comments below :)