Techie Thursday: Wearable Technology Leads CES 2014 Trends

One of my dreams that has yet to happen is my attendance at the annual Consumer Electronic Show, or CES. To me, the CES is like Paris Fashion Week or London Fashion Week — and just like fashion week anywhere in the world, there’s always some sort of trend making its rounds. This year’s trend at the CES gadget/consumer electronics department is Wearable Technology!

The Wearable Technology trend  started last year with the announcement of the Google Glass prototype. Everyone was looking forward to its development, single-handedly giving rise to the wearable technology madness.

Behold, the Era of the Smartwatch

One thing that I took note from CES 2014 was the development of the smartwatch. I didn’t really pay attention to it last year because I honestly thought that the idea of having a smartwatch tethered to a mobile device of the same brand was just preosterous. I want a smartwatch that can be integrated with any device that I own regardless of  manufacturer. And now, it has happened in real life! Here are my top three smartwatches  from CES 2014:

Intel Smartwatch and Hi-tech Fashion Collaboration Announced!

(Image source: Cnet)

Although the Intel smartwatch is still a prototype, its specs looks pretty awesome. According to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, this device has connectivity capabilities independent of a mobile phone. It will also have Geofencing technology, which will send you notifications based on your location and then combine this data with your calendar to determine where you are supposed to be and what are the best directions to take to get where you need to be.

(Image source: Business of Fashion)

Intel also announced an exciting collaboration with high end fashion retailers, Barneys New York and Opening Ceremony, as well as the Council of Fashion Designers of America to bring us the next generation wearable technology: smart fashion in all its possible incarnations. For starters, Opening Ceremony and Intel will collaboratively design a “smart bracelet” embedded with Intel’s latest two core super processor, the Edison,

Intel’s next step is creating a broad community  with CFDA members, where its 400 leading fashion designers and developers can create a network yo collaborate, share, exchange ideas, and develop groundbreaking wearable technologies. Think about all these possibilities: a fabric that can “wrap” itself around our body perfectly because of a tiny chip that can calculate our height and weight. Or maybe a dress that folds itself in any style based on the designer’s programming. Maybe I should join the Intel Make It Wearable challenge and see if these ideas are innovative enough, yes? ;)