4 Tips on Packing Light to Travel Right

My friends are always coming up to me to ask for advice on how to pack light for a trip, because I hate carrying anything more than a backpack and a medium-sized sling bag for travels. And since Deszell has already written about how to pack skincare products for traveling, I thought I’d do a quick follow-up on how to pack the rest of your luggage for any traveling you will do in the near future. Bon voyage!

1. Bring a maxi dress or two.

Black Mesh Dress by Lily Jean, on Bobobobo.com

I’ve already dedicated an entire post to to the benefits of having a maxi dress during traveling, and you can read about it here. Look for ones made from a lightweight material that dry quickly, like viscose or polyester/cotton blends. This way, you can wash the dress at the end of the day, leave it to dry overnight, and use it again the next day.

2. Pack versatile and comfortable day-to-night shoes.

Travel implies a lot of walking around, so obviously you’d want to take your most comfortable pair of shoes. Popular choices for travel include flats from Toms or Melissa, but what if you wanted something with a heel? Onesole offers a range of comfortable ortho-friendly heels of differing heights, as well as a wide range of interchangeable tops: you can take your pick from basic solid tops, Swarovski-studded tops, and even tops with gladiator laces. Get a pair of your own Onesoles from Eureka Lifestyle.

3. Ditch underwire bras for sport bras.

Cute sport bras from Lululemon Athletica

Underwire bras with inches of padding are bulky and take up precious baggage space. You also risk damaging the shape when of the bra when you force them into your luggage. Sport bras are a a great alternative for travel, because they take up such little space, and like the maxi dress, can be washed and left to dry overnight for use again the next day.

4. Oversized shawls are your best friend.

Take a tip from beauty blogger Michelle Phan and turn your shawl into a dress. So in addition to keeping you warm in chilly airplane cabins and being a great lightweight accessory to add color and texture to your outfit, they can also end up being an entire outfit. With a little imagination and DIY, they can also be modified into tops, skirts, and entire dresses to further lighten up your clothing load.

Are you a pro traveler with packing tips you want to share? ;) Share your tips with us in the comments!