Lipstick Monday: YSL Rouge Pur Couture #52 Rosy Coral

These gloomy, rainy days just want to make me bust out my (even) brighter lipsticks. It counters the sallowness in the complexion and will bring life in the midst of grey, hazy environment.

I’ve been wanting this particular lipstick ever since I saw it in the counter. I didn’t even have to try it on my lips to know that this would be a fantastic color. And I actually get more than what I bargained for, in a positive direction.

It’s the sizzling, searing YSL Rouge Pur Couture #52 Rosy Coral.

You don’t have to carry a mirror when using this because the reflective yellow gold casing will be a perfectly fine replacement. It catches fingerprint marks like a boss. Even when I used clean hands. Dusts, stray of fibers, you name it, just stick to it. You should imagine the nightmare I had to deal with when taking pictures of this.

That coral <3

Let us just absorb the color first.

On the box, this is named in French as Rouge Rose, which simply translated as “red rose”. But I find the English name, Rosy Coral, is far more suited. I mean, look at that, the coral element simply stands out and take the reign.

Here’s the obligatory photo of untouched, brand spanking new lipstick bullet.

It’s not just coral. It’s something else. There’s a hint of neon and fluorescent. The white pigment is quite dominant, yet it doesn’t make the lips look pale and sick. It’s not just bright, it’s like putting a pink Stabilo highlighter pen on a stark white paper. That’s the effect. Whether I’m outdoor or in a white or yellow lighting room, it still pops out.

The lipstick is incredibly pigmented and saturated. It covers my lips in no time at all. It looks beautiful when worn as a stain as well. Since I have pigmented lips, the stain comes to a deeper shade than this, 1-2 tones. The texture is super creamy. Because of the strong white pigment, I suggest to properly exfoliate the lips first before applying this. Otherwise, it will latch on the dry bits on your lips.

The photo is half of what it actually looks. In real life, Rosy Coral stands out a lot more. I couldn’t capture the fluo effect, despite multiple takes and editing attempts. For all of you coral and bright lip lovers, you HAVE to try this to understand what I meant.

I don’t have anything remotely close to this. It’s a great addition to my collection and I’m so glad I finally bought it :D