Everyday Neutrals with Addiction Ready To Wear Eye Palette

I have to admit that I don’t have any cool skills when it comes to applying eye makeup. As much as I like to wear green or purple eye shadows, I’d probably only buy and wear them once in a blue moon. I stick to what I know best and it’s a safe bet all year round: neutrals.

Looking back to my Addiction haul post, I mentioned that I sold my Naked Palette 1 and 2 realizing that I needed something even simpler and more compact, so in came the Addiction Ready To Wear Eye Palette 03 Sugar Rusk.

The palette has that Japanese-esque zen simplicity feel to it. It comes in a simple plastic black compact with asymmetrical sides. It feels lightweight but not fragile in the least, and is easy to carry around anywhere.

It comes with a full mirror that can actually be pushed all the way to the top for convenient application. It also comes with a two-sided sponge applicator and a small rounded smudge brush. The brush itself is especially soft for something that comes in a quad eye shadow compact.

Sugar Rusk is a mixture of warm and cool neutrals. There are three shimmers and one matte in the palette. They are not numbered or named, and there are no instructions on how to use it. But hey, who really needs instructions? It’s a neutral, so there’s very little chance of even novices messing this up.

Check out the swatch:

L-R: 1, 2, 3, 4

It is very hard to capture, but shade #2 has some of the most beautiful sparkles ever! The shimmer is very dainty and doesn’t come off as frosty at all. It glimmers beautifully on the eyelids, which makes me think this is the “sugar” part of the palette. The matte one, #3, reads taupe to me, and I like to use it as a base or to give some contour. Highlight shade #1 is perfect for the brow bones and inner corners. It gives just enough light and brightens up the eye area nicely. In addition to being used as a crease color shade #4, can also be used for a quick smoky eye. Just apply it lightly on the lids and blend it to perfection.

I personally like this a lot more than the Urban Decay palettes. Nope, I don’t miss them at all. This one has just the right amount of pigmentation (for my preference) and the shades are easily blendable. I almost never wear any eye primer and didn’t find it necessary to wear one with this. The formula is wonderful and stayed put nicely throughout the day.

If there’s a downside, then it’s the steep price of ¥ 6,510 (about IDR 760,000). Addiction also has plenty of single eye shadows that I’d love to try one day, if I get the chance :D