Lipstick Monday: Rouge Dior #765 Montmartre

We’re back with our first Lipstick Monday of the year 2014, and what better way to start with an uplifting, fresh color!

Not too long ago, Dior relaunched the Rouge Dior collection. I have the previous version posted here, and unfortunately right before I wanted to collect more of them, they were pulled from the counter. I was sad and excited at the same time. My special someone was on a little trip to Kuala Lumpur and I asked him if he could get me a tube of the new Rouge Dior. But with so little information on the shade lineups and the fact they aren’t available in most counters yet, I was quite hopeless. Then he finally found one from my list and I said “Just got it!”

Introducing Rouge Dior #765 Montmartre.

The new Rouge Dior is packaged a little differently, a little more discreet. Dior loses the Cannage quilted pattern and just use it as an accent. It looks black but it’s not. It’s a deceivingly blue-black, which adds to the luxurious look. When I hold it, it feels about the same as the previous version. If any, the new one feels slightly chubbier, but the bullet looks exactly the same.

765 Montmartre is a cool toned coral pink red with a touch of watermelon. I know it sounds confusing, but it’s a complex color in my opinion. It looks really juicy when swatched and applied. It does have micro shimmers which hopefully shows on the photo above. I wasn’t sure with this at first, because the shimmers are apparent on the bullet. I usually stay with cremes, but my doubts were unfounded.

The formula is beyond words. It feels very smooth, slick, and ever-so moisturizing! Even with that much shimmer, my lips don’t cry out for extra hydration. I tried using it without a lip balm underneath and I didn’t find it troublesome during the day. It stains the lips nicely too. I wasn’t left with anything patchy and I simply looked like I drank too much red Fanta :D

This will show differently depending on your natural lip color. I have quite pigmented lips, so naturally it looks darker. But hopefully you can still see the complexity of the undertones.

I have nothing that looks like this in my collection, and I’m glad I bought it practically sight unseen. It’s a happy red, it really is!

Happy New Year 2014 and I hope you had a lot of fun celebrated it with your loved ones. May this year is even better than before! xoxo ;)