Techie Thursday: Most Useful Apps You Need to Have!

For me, the New Year means that I have to sort out all the apps I have in all my devices, keeping only the necessary ones so I can download new apps that will come out in the new year. I spent a week to determine which apps were “very necessary” as opposed to the ones which were “kind of important but not really.” Do I have attachment issues with my apps? I think I do :P

Now that I have sorted out all the apps from all my devices, I came up with this list of  must-have apps that you need to download. is more than just another task management app, it works as my personal assistant too! The trick to get the best out of this award-winning app is to have it installed all across all your devices (including your Chrome browser). Having this extension means you will be able to turn your Gmail into to-dos and tasks, so you won’t miss following up important emails anymore.

Any.Do syncs simultaneously and seamlessly across all your devices, and its has features such as drag-and-drop, calendar integration, and (my personal favorite) voice-to-text, which enables me to skip the hassle of writing.


I used to have a long list of bookmarks on my browser, assuming that have time to read all these bookmarks later (which rarely happens). So as soon as I found this app, I totally loved it. All you need to do is download this app to your smartphone and its extension to your Chrome browser. Every time you accidentally stumble on interesting articles during your “research” on Google but don’t really have time to read it yet, just add it to Pocket and everything is saved! You can read it later on your smartphone whenever you have time.

Pocket recently added a “Tagging” function, which definitely helps when you have so many articles to organize!


I highly recommended a photography app called Camera 360 in a previous article, but as time went by, I felt the need to have my pictures appear a bit more “professional.” After having firsthand experience with a slew of image-editing apps, I fell in love with Snapseed. At first, you may need some time to get used to its gesture-based controls. But once you master it, I think you’ll find that these gesture-based controls are helpful. Snapseed has a wide arrangement of tools and filters, and they’re all very simple to use.

The app’s ability to compare pics also scores big points as it will let you compare your original picture with the adjusted one, making sure that your picture turned out as you wanted it. Although everything seems “Pro-only”, Snapseed still has “Automatic” enhancement tools for those days when you feel too lazy to adjust everything manually.

Chrome Browser

I am impatient when it comes to browsing, so a fast and reliable mobile web browser is very important to me. Chrome has proven itself as an efficient lightweight browser for both mobile and web as it able to take on tasks that would overload other browsers. I could various extensions installed and open more than ten tabs at the same time, but it will still run perfectly well.

The most important features for me is its ability to sync on multiple devices, which means my browsing history, extensions, and bookmarks, will appear anywhere as soon as I sign in into my Chrome. Since Google applied Single-Sign On for everything that stands on the Google platform (Youtube, Gmail, Chrome, Google+ etc), you will save time signing in! Being able to perform in incognito-mode on your browser will also improve your surfing security, disable tracking, keep cookies from being saved.


No, it’s not because I live in China, where this app originated from and where every single person I know in here uses it. For me, between Viber, Whatsapp and ¬†other messenger apps, WeChat is the most secure one. I don’t enjoy random people adding me from nowhere (hello, Line? ) and I want to restrict my messenger for people that I really want to talk to. I found that WeChat is relatively safer because it protects user data by offering an on-demand contact list and providing a secure and robust social networking platform that emphasizes user privacy without sacrificing performance.

And as an Indonesian, the need to share information through social media platform still burns alive in me. WeChat has its own social network platform called “Moments” where you can share pictures, text, music, and more to your friends. Besides its sharing function, WeChat also offers hassle-free text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, video and audio calling, photo and video sharing, location sharing, and contact information exchange. For those who enjoy cute stickers, WeChat has a lot of free stickers to make your text messaging fun!

Circle of 6

I recommend this app to every woman. Circle of 6 lets you choose six trusted friends and your family member to add to your circle of six people. Should you ever get stuck in an uncomfortable or risky situation, use Circle of 6 to automatically send your circle a pre-programmed SMS alert message with your exact location. This app is also helpful if you’re out in a crowd and can’t find any of your friends around.

To get the app into action, simply tap your phone twice to send out the alert message. I have used this app to politely excuse myself from uncomfortable dates, by alerting my circle to call me and interrupt the situation (whoops, there goes a secret).

What are some of your favorite apps that you have been using recently? Share them with us in the comments!