Found It! Practical Solutions from Eureka Lifestyle

Is anyone going anywhere fun for the holidays? Some of the best holidays you can have are the ones where you carry as little luggage as possible — there’s a certain artfulness to packing light, giving you the freedom to enjoy your actual vacation without having to worry about carrying a lot of bags or — heaven forbid! — paying excess luggage fees.

An online store called Eureka Lifestyle specializes in products to simplify your wardrobe. Think about it: if you can simplify your wardrobe at home, imagine how much easier it would be to have a simplified travel wardrobe too. Here are a couple of items we found at the Eureka Lifestyle store that would be handy to have at home and during your travels abroad.

Onesole: The Original Interchangeable Shoes

These shoes (soles) come in a variety of styles such as platforms, wedges, and heels in varying heights: from a modest 1″ all the way to 5″ heels. With Memory foam footbed insoles and comfy neoprene elastic tops, Onesole has been recommended for people who suffer from bunions, rheumatoid arthritis, and swollen feet during maternity periods.

Admittedly, these are not the trendiest-looking shoes when you first lay eyes on them. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see that these sandals can be customized according to your needs. After you pick out a basic sole with the heel height of your choice (which comes standard with black tops), you can then mix and match from a wide selection of tops – from silk screen tops silk screen, to ones with Swarovski crystals, t-straps, gladiators, and even synthetic leather straps for a dressier look.

Kenneth Jay Lane Accessories & CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane

The New York-based veteran costume jewelry designer has been making pieces that are sturdy, versatile, and playful.The bangles look great when worn on their own or stacked for an arm party. You can play them up or down depending on what you wear; multicolored pieces are great to have for travel because they brighten up all-black outfits but will also go with. The fauna-based ones are especially fun, and apropos if you’re planning a safari trip :)

Absolutely Audrey Shoe Clips

These Shoe Clips by Absolutely Audrey are also absolutely fun.Imagine you’ve been assigned to go on a five-day business trip. The space in your carry-on luggage is limited, so you can’t waste it by packing different pairs of shoes for every day of the week. You also don’t want to run the risk of ruining your favorite shoes by squishing them in a carry-on luggage, do you? So instead of packing multiple pairs of shoes for a business trip, just take one pair of your sturdiest and most comfortable, and then change up your look every day with these clip-ons especially made for your shoes. Your shoes will go from boardroom boss to dance floor demon with a quick addition of one of these clip-ons.

The clip-ons are multifunction too, which means you can just as easily customize and change the looks on basic clutches, hats, scarves, and dresses too.

Braza Bra – Problem Solved!

You know how different dresses often require different bras? Braza is a company which produces solutions so that all you ever need is one bra. They produce a whole range of different products: from clear straps to all time best-selling Angel strapless bra with self adhesive wing and, comfy foot pads, and even folding flat shoes that are perfect for travel! Definitely don’t skip out on Braza products the next time you need solutions to your more discreet style problems ;)

Transformer Dress

Another great asset to have while traveling is the appropriately-named Transformer Dress: this is a dress made out of a comfortable jersey material that dries super fast and is wrinkle-free. In addition to its portable and travel-friendly properties is the way it lives up to its name, because you can tie this dress up into all sorts of configurations to suit your needs, which is why it’s also great to have for your everyday. It can be a halter dress for an afternoon wedding and then transformed into a bandeau dress for the evening reception.

It’s a great addition for your everyday wardrobe too: need something more office-appropriate? Just throw a blazer over it. And as always, when your bra straps unexpectedly show up after you transform it from having standard shoulder straps to a racerback look, Braza can come to the rescue. The possibilities of the different looks that can be achieved by the transformer dress are limited only by your imagination :)

So what are some of your solutions to packing light? Be sure to check out Eureka Lifestyle for more everyday and travel solutions that will fit right in your wardrobe!