Cheers for a Foundation with Sheer Coverage

I’ve been meaning to try the UK-based brand Illamasqua since I saw Debbie’s (Dunia Dandan) Rich Liquid Foundation years ago, but I’ve been delaying it because I have plethora of foundations at my disposal and I was trying to be a good girl. That ended when I found out that they had the Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation in my tone on sale at their site. I quickly snatched it up. Illamasqua is one of the brands that holds seasonal sales on their site and offers international shipping, so keep a close eye on such opportunities, girls.

Moving on the foundation: like the name suggests, it’s a very a light foundation — something I look for in my everyday foundation. I look for something that will give me slightly better coverage than a tinted moisturiser, but not the full coverage of other foundations. The texture of this foundation is exactly that: light! It has very little weight, and almost watery. The light texture reminds me of the discontinued MAC Select SPF 15 that my mom used to use.

After fully moisturising or applying a primer, this foundation blends very easily to give that sheer coverage. It blends effortlessly as well! I like that it corrects my uneven skin tone, but don’t expect it to cover imperfections such as acne spots because the coverage is indeed sheer. It has very minimum slip factor once it settles into skin, another reason why it’s good for a day-time foundation.

So here’s the deal: being sheer, lightweight, and watery, means that it sinks in directly upon contact with my dry skin. It’s not really a good foundation for those with extra dry skin or dry patches, as it will settle into your dry patches and aggravate those imperfections instead. It also settles into your fine lines after couple of hours, so if you have dry skin and want to use this foundation, my suggestion is to use a very hydrating moisturiser — one with a creamy texture. For oily skin, I have the feeling that you will love the feel of this foundation because it is very lightweight and non-oily. But sheer coverage foundation on oily skin will need a very good primer: you’ll be perspiring a lot under this humid and crazy weather.

My other minor complaint about this foundation is that the liquid splits! So if I forget to shake (vigorously!)  I will either have a very liquidy foundation or very thick one. To achieve the perfect texture, you need to shake it as if you want all hell to break loose.

Still, it’s a good sheer coverage foundation for everyday wear, now that the MAC Select SPF 15 is RIP. But if you’re in the market for a slightly better coverage, you’re going to have to read my next review of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, which is also a better offering for dry skin!

Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation is £27.00 and you can purchase it directly from their website which ships worldwide.