Quite a Steal: Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder

I’ve known about the drugstore brand from UK called Rimmel since I first started to love makeup years ago. People keep showing their love and sharing their testimonials about how amazing Rimmel’s products are, but since I couldn’t choose, pick, and buy any of Rimmel products easily here in Indonesia, I didn’t think about getting one at all and cheer up myself with drugstore brands that I can get with ease.

Since this seed was already planted in my mind, I think it’s pretty common to finally want to get something from this brand (right?). And I don’t know what’s going on because everytime I watch beauty video on YouTube, the Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder always shows up as one of the stars in the makeup look.  So I was swayed to buy it just from watching beauty gurus, and don’t get me started on those yummy Rimmel lipsticks.  Argh!

I finally got my hands on this at the end of last month.  This is one of my recent purchases from my wishlist. When your CEO goes on a trip to the US trip, you had better ask her to buy products from that wishlist :D

The one that I got is in Transparent 001, the lightest shade.  I believed this color will match my skin tone best after comparing my skin tone to different persons who also use this powder online.  The color matches my skin pretty well, slightly different but over all it’s okay.  The formula itself is indeed amazing for its price.  I usually blot my face and do a little touch-up  in the middle of the day with blotting paper, and the result would be super greasy blotting paper.  But since using this Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder, I noticed the amount of oil is reduced!  I blot my face twice a day, or three times a day if I want to go somewhere after office hour.  Not because I wanted to, but I couldn’t stand the feeling of excess oil on my face.  With this powder, I can only blot my face only once a day and feel good.  Cesa, our R&D Associate who also loves makeup also tried this powder one at the office when we’re having a little makeup play day, and she also fell in love with it.

The only issue that bothers me is the packaging. It looks cheap (but it is indeed :D), there is no mirror, no sponge, and I think the plastic packaging is not durable enough so I’m afraid it will be broken if I accidentally get it squished in my bag.  But at US $4.99, this powder is quite a steal.  This is definitely my go-to powder that I’ve been using.  Rimmel is available in Ulta, Walmart, Walgreen, and many drugstores in US.  Or if you want to buy it, there’s always a pre-order open at Female Daily’s Market Plaza.