Quite a Steal: FD Favourite Hada Labo Gokujyun Foaming Wash Now Available Locally!

It’s not breaking news how Hada Labo is already available in Indonesia; in fact the best news since their arrival in Indonesia last year was how we can now purchase it at a cheaper price! I love good news like that. It’s not every day that beauty brands arrive at our doorstep at fraction of the retail price in other countries. The very fact that they have their own factory in Indonesia (Singapore and Malaysia do not have this luxury, therefore the steeper price) gives its parent company, Rohto, the ability able to deliver the product at a good price. But like any other newly-arrived brands, their options are still limited. They are however, steadily making the products that FD-ers love locally available.

For instance, the Gokujyun Foaming Wash is now available locally:  the liquid version with a pump which dispenses the product in foam form, unlike the conventional the tube version. The tube version has been around for quite sometime, but the simplicity of the liquid foam version makes it a much-loved iteration of the Gokujyun Facial Foam Wash. Gokujyun, also known as the SHA line for FD-ers, is the ultimate moisturizing line, containing two types of hyaluronic acid to make skin supple and soft.

While I’ve previously written about the Hada Labo AHA/BHA Foaming Wash or Tamagohada line, it’s actually the Gokujyun facial foam wash that I love. The Tamagohada facial foam wash acts as an exfoliator too because it contains AHA/BHA and it instantly gives a brighter feel to the skin. The Gokujyun facial foam wash promises to remove dirt but also moisturize at the same time, so you don’t feel the tightening feel that you would usually feel after using a foaming wash. I also feel that it removes dirt effectively without leaving skin feeling tight.

What about the packaging? It’s quite different from the packaging that you normally see from Hada Labo products overseas, which is much bulkier. The ones available come in an unassuming cylinder with a pump applicator at the top, which you press to dispense foam, and is secured with a tight bottle cap. The overall look is slim, making it easy to bring in your luggage during traveling. But it’s smaller in size, which amounts only up to 100 ml compared to the 160 ml sold overseas. But at only around IDR 32,000 a pop, I can’t complain much! It’s still much cheaper price when compared it to the version sold in Singapore or Malaysia.

Now my concern is the refill. I haven’t spotted it anywhere yet, but I will assume that it is coming soon. I hope so!

So next time you want to get an affordable but good quality facial foam, you know what to buy!