JFW 2014: Celebrity Designs at Grazia Glitz & Glam

Grazia Glitz & Glam pulled off another milestone at this year’s Jakarta Fashion Week by bringing more familiar faces on the runway.  There were six celebrities participating in the show, and each of them successfully presented their new collections.  As always, the show was very entertaining, the dominance of denim and street style left something to be desired: it needed more variety, despite how I love denim with all my heart.

Underworld by Pevita Pearce and Pot Meets Pop Denim

The collaboration between Pevita Pearce and local store Pot Meets Pop (located in Bandung) resulted in a youthful streetwear collection which explores the ocean’s underwater beauty.  As Creative Head, Pevita and two designers created the theme and played with denim cuttings.  Pevita said that this collection is targeted for young people or older people who want to look young.  You will find boyfriend jeans, hot pants, denim tops, and fish scales cutting through some of the pieces to liven up the theme.