Lipstick Monday: Chanel Rouge Allure #99 Pirate

It’s always a joy to able to find a red lipstick that could be worn day and night. And the best part? Usually, this type of red would suit many different skin tones. Albeit, the overall result and aura might look different, but they all make a big difference in how you look.

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour #99 Pirate

The packaging is rather discreet. A clean-lined black tube with just a small Chanel lettering on the bottom of one of the sides. Press the gold part and it will pop to reveal the lipstick. The modesty of the presentation is alluring (no pun intended). It’s not obvious, but it’s charismatic without having to put on a full show glamor.

I mean, black, gold and red makes one hell of a fierce-looking lipstick. It’s festive yet a classic.

I think when you see the bullet for the first time, you just knew that this will be a classic shade. That’s how I felt. Chanel described it as a ‘blue red’ and I couldn’t have agreed more.

The formula is wonderful, a little bit different than Palpitante though. It’s slightly heavier, creamier, less slicker. Perhaps, slightly less moisturizing because of the heavier pigments but that’s not too noticeable. It is still a beautiful formula, mind you. The color payoff is great and can be layered up as needed.

See what I mean? It really is an elegant blue red. As you might know, I’m not shy when it comes to wearing bold colored lipsticks. I like to wear them full-on. My natural lip color is quite prominent, so it’s imperative that my lipsticks should cover that. Of course, you can wear it lighter or as a stain.

Pirate is the kind of red that will give you an illusion of having a whiter set of teeth. I’m not keen on showing my teeth, but you can try this and prove it yourself :D