Wednesday Wishlist: Charlotte Tilbury’s New Beauty Line

I’m always excited when a new beauty line launches. It intrigues my curiosity as to how the new brand places itself to be in the spotlight, to fill the gap in already-saturated beauty market. Aside from the presentation (packaging and advertisement), by bringing top notch formulas and textures, innovative products, new complex colors and wearability, a new brand is off to a good start.

My excitement amps up even more when a well-known makeup artist is behind the line. Charlotte Tilbury, her name is. She has worked with many designers such as Tom Ford, Stella McCartney, Christopher Bailey and famous women like Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz, Carine Roitfeld, and Emmanuelle Alt, to name a few. With an experience of more than 20 years in the business, you bet she knows what she’s doing.

With her new namesake beauty line, Charlotte Tilbury, she is ready to beautify our vanities, beauty fiends. Browsing through the lineups, I think she did a tremendous job, covering every little bit of our needs. It is a solid, gorgeous, charismatic collection.

My first pick:

Luxury Palette (£38) in The Rebel, The Vintage Vamp and The Sophisticate

To me, the eyeshadow palettes are the ones that capture my eyes the most. And to quote, these color-coded palettes will take you from “DESK to DUSK to DISCO”.  Each palette contains four ingenously harmonious colors that will make your eyes mesmerize any time of the day. Out of eight colorways, I picked the three above. The Vintage Vamp offers a very unique color combination of ruby and gold that I’ve never seen before. The Sophisticate is for the neutral lovers like myself that can be played down and up. My favorite is The Rebel, a hypnotizing palette than consists of warm and cool green shades.

Second pick:

Colour Chameleon (£19) in Smoky Emerald, Black Diamonds, Amethyst Aphrodisiac and Dark Pearl

Charlotte has created these beautiful eye pencils to create an intense, bedazzled eyes in a jiffy. The eight shades are created individually to suit and enhance different eye colors (hazel, brown, green and blue). They are infused with Synthetic Sapphire, a mineral gemstone with natural soft-focus powers, for a smooth, perfect finish. It doesn’t hurt that they glide easily and long wearing for up to 10 hours. One thing for sure, these pencils definitely remind me of precious gemstones!

Third pick:

Cheek To Chic (£30) in Love Glow, Ecstasy and Love is The Drug

Oh, what do I do without blushers? The dual-color blush is easily applied by doing the “SWISH and POP”. Swish the brush around the outer shade and apply it to sculpt the cheekbones. Pop the center shade on the apple of the cheeks to make them pop and glow. Blend them together and you got yourself killer cheeks. Charlotte has six shades in the collection; a few of them in brown shades that can double up as bronzers.

Last and not even in the least:

Charlotte’s Magic Cream (£70)

Psst. This is supposedly Charlotte’s secret cream that she’s been testing it backstage on models and clients for years. And, needless to say, they are hooked on this cream.

It’s a secret mix of patented anti-age ingredients, a hyaluronic acid booster plus floral extracts that lift and transform tired skin in an instant. Think of a wilting flower that’s just been watered – skin is flooded with moisture for a glowing complexion in a flash, no matter how dehydrated or lacklustre your skin may look.

I think the flower analogy above is enough to spark the curiosity in me!

Price-wise, it’s safe to say, the products fall on the higher price range. If I have to comment on the packaging, I think it’s very different than generic high-end brands. I love the art deco inspiration and that old Hollywood feel with the rose gold touch. It’s actually very refreshing to see these in the midst of simple lines, fashionable, modern packaging.

Just when I got (slightly) intimidated by the lineups, there are application tips provided on each page of the products with clear, easy to follow instructions on how to make the best out of them. Check out the YouTube channel too for tutorials on creating different makeup looks.

Charlotte Tilbury beauty line is available at the website, Selfridges and Net-a-Porter.

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