Tried & Tested: NYX Parallel Worlds Makeup Collection

As a fan of Young Adult novels, I was curious when I found that NYX made a makeup collection inspired by The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones!  I love the book and the movie, but I also have big love for makeup. See the connection here?  Typical, I know :D

NYX Parallel Worlds Makeup Collection retails for IDR 450,000 and includes six products.  This is a pretty well-rounded kit and would be great for someone who is confused about where to start when they step into the store.  Come on, I bet we’ve had those moments when we feel like buying makeup but have no clue what to get.  I believe in buying single specific products at NYX counters/stores, but this kit is cheaper than buying each product separately.

The first product that I want to talk about is NYX Smokey Eye Shadow Palette.  This little palette comes with a dual-ended sponge applicator and six eyeshadows: glittery gray, black, plum, blue, light bronze, and shimmery white.  Most of them appear like matte eyeshadows, but if you pay close attention, all five shades have a bit of a shimmer to them, except the gray one.  The finish look is more like satin and the color range is actually good.  I can use it for both day and nighttime.

As for the mascara, NYX Le Frou Frou Mascara works well on my lashes.  It adds a nice volume without making them clumpy. It doesn’t add too much “drama” on the lashes so it’s great for daily use.

The next thing is NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Black.  Unlike Dhany,who is a champ with this kind of eyeliner, I really can’t use liquid eyeliners with fine brushes like this one. Well come to think of it, I’m no good with ALL liquid eyeliners that come with a brush.  I know I have to practice more, but for now the only liquid liners I can use are the ones with a felt tip, like a pen or marker.  Anyway, I’ve swatched this liquid liner a few times to make sure how it looks on skin, and let met tell you, it lives up to its “Extreme Black” name because it’s quite intense. It’s not too glossy as some liquid liners tend to be either.

I picked NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in my 8 Makeup Products Under 100k post and mentioned how good it is as a base eyeshadow.  This particular one is in a shade called Cashmere.  It has light gold color that comes off lighter than it looks.  I use it as a base especially for bronze and brown eyeshadows, where it really holds onto and accentuates the eyeshadow color.  Love it!

Swatches: NYX Studio Liner in Extreme Black and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere

This is the first time I’ve tried NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, and the one that came in this collection is a shade called Istanbul.  Istanbul is a pretty light pink that I think complements my fair-light skin tone.  Even though it has a matte finish, it doesn’t make my lips peel, which is a very good thing considering my lips are dry to begin with.  I can see myself buy new shades from NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream line because of this one! :D

NYX Blush is definitely one of my favorites.  The pigmentation is great and NYX has so many color options that I can pick out of easily.  This blush is Pinched, a medium pink-coral shade with gold sparkles that can give your face a glow-from-within effect.  I only needed to dab a little with my brush, swipe it on my cheeks, and they turned a pretty color right away.  Big love for this one!

The swatches below are a compilation, first of which is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream; on the left is Istanbul, which looks more pink in real life.  The middle one is NYX Blush Pinched in a single swipe, and the right one is also Pinched after three swipes.

Swatches : NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul and NYX Blush in Pinched

Have you tried one of these makeup products, Ladies?  Which one is your favorite?