Today’s Outfit: Meeting The Man Behind Clarins

I love brand with heritage story that stays true to its roots. There’s just some thing about an old recipe that’s been pass down to generation after generation. And that’s one of the reasons why I love this French brand; Clarins. I swear by its UV Plus HP SPF 40 sunscreen, its Lotus Treatment Face Oil, and of course its Double Serum. By the way did you know that Clarins invented the word serum? I’m also a fan of the Body product range. I mean, who hasn’t tried its famous Body Lift Cellulite Control?

Anyway, you can tell I was excited when I received the invitation to meet with Christian-Courtin Clarins, the son of the late Jacques-Courtin Clarins who founded Clarins. Such a nice and humble man, with a flawless looking skin of course. From his explanation, I learned that Clarins is now back as a privately-owned company. The family still holds 100% of the business as they buy back the shares that were already in the stock market. Why? Because they wanted to do business their way. They care about growing the farmer in the less developed countries. They care about fair trade. They wanted to invest in research. They didn’t want to boost image with advertising, they didn’t believe in using celebrity to promote the brand. They wanted to package all the products in Paris, not all over the place, to maintain the integrity of the product.

Bottom line, they wanted to build a great company with a great culture. All of those don’t necessarily  translate to a higher profit which didn’t make the investor happy. But as an entrepreneur, I could totally relate to that. If you can own your company 100% and don’t have the problem to scale the business, you would go with being independent, right. ‘ Freedom has a price’, he said. But it’s all worth it.

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So I met the son of the founder of Clarins, looking to hear some skincare advice, but I got a business lesson instead and wouldn’t have it any other way :)