Experiencing Healthy Skin with Dove White Beauty Bar

Female Daily Network recently worked with Dove to spread information on the importance of taking care of one’s skin while bathing. To share the message of Dove’s legendary bar soap, Dove White Beauty Bar and Female Daily Network gathered with ten bloggers and five forum members on a beautiful Saturday morning at a cozy restaurant located in South Jakarta’s Kuningan area.

We all came decked out according to the dress code, which happened to be white. Everyone looked gorgeous and was ready for a full day. The event turned out not only exciting, but also educative, when dermatologist Dr. Lilik Norawati, SpKK took to the stage. She shared with us the factors that can cause skin problems, as well as how we can prevent such damage.

Dr. Lilik (center) flanked by Dove Assistant Brand Manager – Rika Sandi, Assistant Manager R&D Technical Management of Unilever Indonesia – Rini Maya Suspita and MC – Amy Zein.

So what did we learn that morning? Here’s what the speakers shared with us:

  • Dry skin is unhealthy skin.
    Skin is the largest organ of the human body, acting as the first line of defense against pathogens and water loss. We fall prey to the threat of dry skin every day when we are exposed to external factors such as the cold, dry air from air conditioning, as well as exposure to direct sunlight and pollution in the air.Internal factors such as poor eating habits, stress, and aging can also compromise the body’s ability to regenerate skin cells, which are renewed every 28 days, but the process becomes less and less effective as we age. 70% of our skin’s functions are determined by how moisturized it is, so part of our personal health also hinges on giving skin all the tender loving care it deserves.
  • Skincare and body care begins with daily showers.
    The anatomy of the skin includes a layer that features proteins and lipids that work to maintain its natural moisture. When we shower, our skin cells expand when water molecules penetrate it; but when exposed to too much water, it may cause irritation. For healthy skin, limit showers to no more than fifteen minutes, try not to use any hot water (it will open and expose pores), and moisturize immediately afterwards, as skin will absorb the nutritive qualities of moisturizers when it is still damp. Another thing to keep in mind is to use a cleanser that contains a mild surfactant, as too much of it will hasten the absorption and expansion of water in dermal layer.
  • Using a soap with moisturizing cream is good for you.
    Determining what type of skin you have is the first step to skin and bodycare. Misusing a product can have detrimental effects; for example, if we have dry skin and select a product targeted for oily skin, we will only further dehydrate it. According to Rini Maya Suspita, Assistant Manager R&D Technical Management of Unilever Indonesia, this is why Dove White Beauty Bar is perfect for just that: Dove White Beauty Bar is formulated with non-soap-based properties such as DEFI (Directly Esterified Fatty Isethionate), is pH neutral, and contains ¼ moisturizing cream to cleanse skin without removing its natural moisture. It also hydrates skin without causing adverse reactions and surface irritations, meaning that it is even gentle enough for use as a facial and children’s soap!
  • There is no change of color in the litmus paper on the Dove White Beauty Bar (right), indicating its pH neutral properties. Litmus papers attached to other soaps (left) shows color change, which indicates high pH.

Dove’s Assistant Brand Manager, Rika Sandi, had an interesting anecdote from her time before working for the brand: she started using the Dove White Beauty Bar when her young son’s dermatologist offered it as a solution to some skin problems that her son was having at the time. Her son never had issues with irritated skin since he started using the bar. From that moment on, her whole family switched to Dove White Beauty Bar soap. For those of us who are antsy about using bar soaps for hygiene reasons, it turns out we have no reason to fear: there is no proof of transfer of disease through bar soaps, as soap also contains bacteria-repelling properties.

It was eye-opening to learn that everything we were doing in the shower was basically wrong, but at least now we know what not to do! After Dr. Lilik’s exhaustive presentation, we now know that taking long hot baths is a big no-no, and that we should use a gentle soap with cleansing and moisturizing properties like Dove White Beauty Bar for healthy and beautiful looking skin.

Have you used the Dove White Beauty Bar? Last year, Deszell took on the challenge to use the Beauty Bar as facial soap; while she was skeptical at first, she ended up being pleasantly surprised by how well the product worked to cleanse her skin from makeup. I guess it’s my turn to take on the Dove 7-Days Challenge now :)

Share your experience with the Dove White Beauty Bar here, or on the dedicated thread on Female Daily Forum. See you there!