Tried & Tested: Make Up For Ever Pro Finish

I really wanted to try MUFE powder foundations even though I still prefer liquid foundations.  I think Dhany successfully got me on board, because every time she pulled out her makeup pouch and whipped out her trusty MUFE Duo Mat Powder Foundation, it made me want to try any powder foundation from MUFE even more.  She also mentioned how quick her morning routine is thanks to the Duo Mat Powder Foundation, and she loves the coverage it offers.  So when I learned that MUFE were launching a new multi-use powder foundation, the Make Up For Ever Pro Finish, I was super excited to lay my hands on it!

The claims : Quick and easy to apply onto the face under any conditions, producing true professional results.  This powder foundation can also be used wet or dry to give different effects according to the needs of different skin types.

  • Pigments coated with plant lecithin for 100% adaptable results. MUFE Pro Finish’s texture can be transformed however we want: from dry to wet, and back again, without making skin look chalky.  It can be applied as many times as we need.
  • 45% less talc for instant luminous perfection. Talc has the effect of making skin look cakey, whereas the goal of MUFE Pro Finish is to give a professional result that does not include a cakey face.  As a substitute for the talc, MUFE Pro Finish created the combination of matifying nylon powder to act like a micro-sponge for absorbing excess sebum; sericite with ultra-light lamellar structure for creating a soft-focus effect light-reflecting effect for a glowing, perfectly even complexion; and spherical ultra‑soft silica powder that can diffuse light for lastingly radiant color.
  • MUFE Pro Finish also has skincare ingredients for ultimate skin comfort: ximenia oils that are rich in essential fatty acids to keep cells healthy and membranes functioning at 100%; aloe vera to help moisturize and soothe the skin; hyaluronic acid to can absorbs water and form a protective film to preserves the skin’s natural moisture.

Packaging & Formula : Nothing special about the packaging here, to be honest.  It looks just like any other powder that comes with a mirror on the inside of the lid and a space underneath for the sponge.  What does set it apart is how the MUFE Pro Finish comes with a sponge made of Celfine, a high-tech, exclusive material that claims to achieve optimum application either wet or dry.  The sponge has tiny pores, feels soft and supple, and also creates a water reservoir when damp.

It covers wonderfully, with good lasting power until late at night! MUFE Pro Finish is available in 17 shades in Indonesia, enough for every one of us to find our own shade, but here’s a little tip from me: try it on your face before you buy it. Because even when you think a particular shade will match your skin, you have to make sure it matches nicely by putting it on your face. If you wear makeup when you go to MUFE stores/counters, just take it off and try a few shades until you find the one that suits you best. Mine is shade 118 Natural Beige: it looks okay and I thought it matched my skin pretty well, but I didn’t try it on my whole face.  So when I put it on the next day, I was shocked because the shade looked like I’ve just use a foundation that was two to three shades darker on my skin! Okay, lesson learned.  Don’t make the same mistake, Ladies. :)

Now for the moment of truth: the powder foundation itself works great when applied dry or wet, even as a setting powder on top of liquid foundation.  I found that when I use a dry sponge to apply the product, the coverage was great; but the final result is a little bit too dry for my skin right now, so I prefer to use it with a powder brush as a setting powder on top of liquid foudantion to give my face full coverage and reduce redness. When I tried a damp sponge, the coverage is more intense and after it dries, the nice powdery finish appears.  Different coverages and finishes in one product.

Verdict : I love to use it as a powder on top of my liquid foundation since the shade doesn’t match my skin.  I use a powder brush simply beacause the brush won’t transfer a fully loaded product on my face and I can still get the full coverage finish that I love with it.  MUFE Pro Finish helps to hide any redness that my foundation can’t hide.  Of course it won’t be perfect the way a great concealer s, but it’s more than enough for a daily basis.  Another good thing about this powder foundation is how I can re-apply as many as I need,but it  won’t make my face look like it had been caked up with 5cm of face products, you know what I mean? :p

If you have flawless skin or mild blemishes that can be covered easily, then I guess this product will work wonderfully for you on its own.  At the launch of MUFE Pro Finish, I saw many beauty bloggers try this product just by using the sponge in dry condition, and they got pretty good coverage out of it.

How much? 10g product retails for IDR 490,000 in all Make Up For Ever stores and counters.